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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sassy Minerals haul + Fyrinnae Lip Lustre swatch

I came home to a very colorful bundle today from Sassy Minerals (aka Simply Sassy).

I even received 2 free samples: Rave and Off-Kilter. I was so excited to play with them, I took off all the shrink wraps and wanted to open them up to take pictures of the colors themselves. I opened one of them, decided it would take too long and be far too messy to do all of them. Instead, I flipped them over and arranged them in a somewhat orderly fashion.

And because I realize how retarded it is that I'm purchasing all these products but I'm not doing many swatches, here is my lips in Fyrinnae's lip lustre, Melancholy. I moisturized my lips with C.O. Bigelow's Rose Salve and slowly used the sponge applicator to apply it. It's *very* pigmented so after 1 swipe, I had to smack my lips together and even it out. I should really invest in a lip brush. After several more dabs (I'm not kidding about how pigmented the color is) and several more smacks, this is the result.

The color is brighter than I imagined. The shimmer is definitely there. I can see why people love it. :)

Look to the future for orders from Cory Cosmetics, High Voltage, Beautiful Girl Minerals, and Meow Cosmetics. And I mean future. I've still got plenty of swatch posts to do and reviews of the makeup I DO have. I'm waiting on stuff from Morgana Minerals and tomorrow, I should receive my TAL purchase.

Though, I may break and just go after Meow because damn, that Egyptian Treasures collection is beyooo-tiful.

Aromaleigh Drama + "Lost In Faerie"

So apparently, there *was* a whole ton of stuff going on with the issues surrounding Aromaleigh and the people attacking her. I think you can get a good idea of what's the 'ugly' in Aromaleigh's closing post. Something called R4TU (Rant4theugly)? Wtf. I dunno. Haha. Go here for the story.

In other happier news, the "Lost In Faerie" collection has been released! There are no color descriptions and this is only a sample set but dang, the colors are BEAUTIFUL. I'm wondering if it's worth it just waiting for the entire set to come out instead of just getting the little baggies. I know 1/16th tsp is a pretty standard sample size but the baggies make it seem so tiny. Yes, appearance is not everything and more than likely, I will break down and just purchase.

I've seen a lot of swatches over the past few days and the colors are all positively GORGEOUS. Take a peek for yourself: Lost In Faerie Sample Set

I received my tracking information for both Sassy Minerals and my TAL (BPAL) order! WOOO. I'm getting a bit worried about my order with Morgana Minerals since it was sent in before Sassy and TAL. I know they take about 1-2 weeks to ship so maybe by the end of next week, if I haven't heard anything, I'll send them a note.

I may be purchasing from Cory Cosmetics soon. Trying to clamp down on the spending. Still...I'm open to any suggestions. :)

I promise swatches will be coming! (July 4th is this weekend though...crap.)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aromaleigh is closing?

I've only purchased from this company once, being a pretty avid follower of Phyrra's Blog. But apparently it's been announced that Aromaleigh is closing shop? You can purchase what she's got left in stock for 35% off if you use the coupon code, Adieu35. According to twitter, she'll still be releasing her newest collection "Lost in Faerie". Still...wow.

A lot of bloggers are buzzing with this news. Again, since I've only purchased one time, I'm not as invested as others are. I didn't like that the samples were so tiny especially since I got it side-by-side with Fyrinnae but there is no denying it is a pretty solid product. Plus, plenty of other companies only give 1/16th tsp sample sizes also.

In any case, I'm sure people will be scrambling to find out new stores that can replace Aromaleigh. For me, I'll stick with the other many, many mineral makeup companies out there. :)

Edited to say: Apparently there was drama involved with this decision? Weird. I thought it was all personal-life stuff. Ah well, none of my business. Now I wish I sort of took the chance to purchase a few things during the 50% off sale.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Almay Lipstick Swatches

Back again! I should really be getting some dinner but I wanted to do this one final post before I go beasting (went to my parents this weekend and came back with a shit-ton of food). Anyway, it's just a lip swatch post and not even a good one at that. I'm aware these pictures are blurry but I had to use another camera this time and the megapixels are less. But I think it did pretty well for it's age. :)

Before putting on any sort of lipstick, I always moisturize my lips with a some Rose Salve by C.O. Bigelow. I love it. I think that that's why there wasn't so much color payoff. Ignore the lopsided application - I didn't use any brushes for this. Straight from the tube.

1. Almay Hydracolor Lipstick: Apricot

This is my favorite color of them all. I can see myself wearing this the most. I had to do around 2 applications before it showed.

2. Almay Hydracolor Lipstick: Cherry

One application of color was enough. It's a bright red color. Perfect for those red lipstick lovers. Not sure if I'd ever have an occasion to wear it though.

3. Almay Hydracolor Lipstick: Peony

Jury is still up on this color. It's a bit of a cooler pink so I'm not sure I'm really digging it? Maybe I'll find an occasion to wear it to. This took about 2 applications for the color to show.

4. Almay Hydracolor Lipstick: Pink Pearl

Hmm...maybe too much pearl for me. This took about 2-3 applications before I could really see the color. Then again, the light in my room is really shitty. Hopefully the flash caught the pearly-ness of the lipstick.

All in all, I'm not too unsatisfied with these lipsticks. They were a bit drying even with my salve and the color payoff wasn't that great. There was this clay-like smell when I was putting it on so that was a bit of a turn off. I guess I really enjoyed how smooth and creamy Avon's Ultra Color Rich Mauve is. I wish I could get my hands on other lipsticks in that line...

I purchased these in a set off of Ebay for $4 which includes S&H. The cheap price probably explains my "meh" reaction to it. Haaaa.

Fyrinnae + Adorned With Grace Haul

I received Adorned With Grace a while ago but I wanted to wait until I had time to use it. They advertise themselves as a company that creates mineral makeup with colors formulated specifically for those with yellow/olive skin tones. I loved that idea and figured why not? Samples come in 1/16th tsp per baggie and I received 3 free samples of Celestial (silkening powder), Heavenly (rice powder), and Divine (oil-control primer powder). I haven't any use for them but I will try to work them into my morning routine.

I used Sophisticated this morning and the color looks much darker on my eyelid than it does in the baggie. Much more purple also. I liked the way it went on because there was very little flyaway. With very little flyaway, you tend to have to use more since the formula seems to be a bit creamier (despite that fact that it is still an eyeshadow pigment) but I like it that way. It was probably too dark for work but perfect for those days when you want to head out.

Received my Fyrinnae stuff today! So happy. :D I love all the colors in the little jars (I prefer jars over baggies) and they even threw in a free sample of Sumatran Tiger. Yay! I think that was on my wishlist. No matter, I'm sure I would have wanted it sooner or later.

Will do swatches of all mineral makeup later!

Now all I'm waiting on are Sassy Minerals, Morgana Minerals, and my TAL (BPAL) order. Can't wait! I love getting stuff in the mail. <3

Fyrinnae at home? Sassy Minerals + TAL (BPAL) Preview

Delivery confirmation has indicated that Fyrinnae is "Out for Delivery" so in a few hours when I head home, I should have a lovely package waiting for me. Yippee! I can't wait to get my hands on the new eyeshadows.

I've only tried Nijiro and Pixie Epoxy of the 8-9 items I received from Fyrinnae but I have to say that I absolutely love the sizes. It's pretty standard for mineral companies with the sample option to only give you samples in the amount of 1/16th tsp for $1. It's rare to find 1/8th tsp sample sizes for $1 and to my knowledge, I think only Fyrinnae does 1/3rd tsp for their eyeshadow sample sizes (all numbers and measurements refer to their eyeshadow sample sizes). You pay $2 for it but even if you purchase $2 worth of pigments from the other companies, you still don't get as much as 1/3rd tsp.

Sorry all. I understand quality over quantity but when all these companies are well-respected for their products, then quality is moot and quantity matters. I'm your normal, average consume. :)

Anyway, I will try to do some swatches of my hauls throughout this week. I'm a bit worn out from the weekend. In addition to the other hauls I am waiting on, I also made 2 additional purchases.

From Sassy Minerals (all sample sizes...at $0.75, why not? Ordered 6/24, received 6/30):

- In Hysterics
- Legendary
- Fake It
- Elusive
- Always a Bridesmaid
- All-Nighter
- Don't Blink
- Dreamy
- Jolt
- Make It Work
- Neverending
- No Rules
- Panache
- Prissy Princess
- Rebellious
- Ruby Slippers
- Talking to Myself
- Vixen
- Endless Party
- Fatal Beauty
- Shameless

From TAL, Twilight Alchemy Lab, a subsidiary of BPAL, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab:

- Mantle of Venus
- French Creole

I could only afford two. At $25 a pop, it was painful pressing that "Pay Now" button. I probably should have waited until I started my new job. Ah well, can't fret now. It's all down and over with. I usually shop from BPAL but TAL caught my eye and after reading for the last two days about how these oils work, I wanted to give them a shot myself. Will definitely keep you all updated on the efficacy of these oils. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adorned With Grace + Fyrinnae + Morgana Minerals + Almay Preview

I know I still owe you swatches and whatnots from my first Fyrinnae haul but here is the one I'm waiting on. The order was placed June 19th. Last time, Fyrinnae took 6 days to ship their item to me. This time, it's taking a bit longer. In any case, this is what I'm waiting on.

From Fyrinnae (purchased 6/20, received 6/28):

- Powder Highlighter (In the Spotlight) sample
- Glow Blush (Enchant) sample
- Glow Blush (Hypnotize) sample
- Glow Blush (Enrapture) sample
- Titania Loose Eye Shadow sample
- Darling Misfit Loose Eye Shadow sample
- Kimchi Loose Eye Shadow sample
- Rapunzel Had Extensions Loose Eye Shadow sample
- Polar Bear Loose Eye Shadow sample
- Lip Lustre (Melancholy) full-size

Adorned With Grace samples (purchased 6/20, received 6/24):

- Shimmer Blush (Glamorous)
- Shimmer Blush (Lovely)
- Shimmer Blush (Audacious)
- Blush (Affectionate)
- Blush (Vivacious)
- Blush (Sassy)
- Eyeshadow (Introspective)
- Eyeshadow (Adventurous)
- Eyeshadow (Amazing)
- Eyeshadow (Loyal)
- Eyeshadow (Enduring)
- Eyeshadow (Sophisticated)
- Eyeshadow (Regal)
- Eyeshadow (Elegance)
- Eyeshadow (Compassion)

And an order placed last night (6/23) with Morgana Minerals, all samples and eyeshadows:

- BeWitches
- Bruise Violet
- Bubblegum Frosting
- Burgundy Rose
- Coraline
- Grog Blossom
- Guinevere
- Horizon
- Mischievious
- Nightmare
- Potion
- Transylvania Twist
- Warped
- Witch's Wine
- Zaria

From Ebay, I purchased 4 Almay hydracolor lipsticks (received 6/23):

- Peony
- Cherry
- Apricot
- Pink Pearl

I've been eyeing Meow Cosmetics and Sassy Minerals. I can't wait to check out their products. :) I was also wondering if there was another TKB (ie: wholesale mineral makeup) out there? I remember hearing something about the Conservatorie but I'm not quite sure...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

CVS Generic Brand Haul

I wasn't suppose to buy anything this weekend. I was going to try and keep my spending to a minimum but...yeah. That didn't happen. I have another Fyrinnae haul coming my way. I also discovered Adorned With Grace and so that's another package I'll be getting and sharing soon. After dance class today, I stopped by our local CVS. Being that I live in the city, these prices were exorbitant for store-brand products. Nevertheless, I felt that spending 'itch' and decided to purchase some items. I kept it under $20...

- CVS Oil-Free Foaming Acne Scrub Pink Grapefruit
.....compare to Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
- CVS Energizing Facial Cleanser
.....compare to Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser
- Softsoap Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions
- Softsoap Body Butter Apricot Scrub

CVS Oil-Free Foaming Acne Scrub Pink Grapefruit: Not sure what to think. The scrub has nice gentle exfoliating beads to take care of your blackheads and salicylic acid to take care of your acne/pimples/breakouts. I wasn't digging the scent though. Smelled suspiciously like dish-washing soap. You can see the gel and foaming acting of the pink grapefruit scrub here:

CVS Energizing Facial Cleanser: The scent was a bit better. It reminded me of Bath & Body Works' Country Apple which was one of my favorites growing up. It also has tiny exfoliating beads. According to the bottle, it's contains ginseng and fruit extracts. I assume that's good. Be careful unlocking the spout. The neck on mine got clogged with the product so it all came squishing out.

Softsoap Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions: Freaking...wow. I love this scent. Then again, I'm a huge fan of pomegranate and mango scents so this is just perfect. Not sure how it'll react to my skin just quite yet but if anything bad happens, I'll definitely bitch about it.

Softsoap Body Butter Apricot Scrub: Wasn't too fond of the scent in this either. I smelled apricot in the bottle but when it was on my hands, it just smelled like very generic body butter. A bit plastic-ky and sterile smelling.

After all this, I had to put some Jergens' on my hands. They get notoriously dry crazy fast. And now a snapshot of my daily/weekly routine:

Don't be fooled by the Vickery & Clarke bottle. It's actually Guerlain toner. I didn't like the way you had to handle the Guerlain bottle so after I went through all my Vickery & Clarke, I poured Guerlain in there. :) All store-brand except for the Guerlain, yay for cheap! (Or semi-cheap. >_>)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Attempt at my own mineral make-up.

I'm am extremely amazed at the patience it must take smaller mineral companies to create all the colors that they do. Tonight, I attempted to create a couple of eyeshadow colors (with a creamy base) that would match this painting I pulled off of Google images:

Here is my workstation. It's a bit messy.

After a few mixings here and there, these are the 2 colors I was able to come out with before the mica got to my allergies:

I used my fingertip to swatch these powders on. The adhering properties need a bit of work. The colors weren't exactly spectacular either. The orange one looks way too much like the TKB Tangerine Pop mica I used. D:

I took this with flash in the living room (natural light bulbs):

And this picture was taken in the kitchen without flash under florescent light:

#1- This turned out to be a brighter orange than the petals in the picture. It's got a golden shimmer, sort of a light coral.

#2- I didn't have any super red pigments so I wasn't able to match the color in the picture. This turned out to be a colder version of TKB's Raspberry Pop.

First attempt at mineral make-up was nothing special. My sinuses are going crazy too. Urgh, I will invest in a mask next. D:

Profound Eyeshadows

This is one of my many eyeshadow palettes that I possess. I purchased this off of Amazon with a free gift certificate and haven't used it. (I love my mineral make-up too much.) This swatching post is the first time I've ever used this palette. I'm glad I did because there are definitely a few colors that I think would be great as part of my daily work getup.

I thought it was creamy at first but it might just have been the bristles on my brush. It's got a bit of flyaway, more than I would prefer. It's not as pigmented as the palette shows and it might be because of the high shimmer. I didn't use a primer or base or anything of the sort to help the eyeshadow adhere either. In any case, I'm not disappointed. I've discovered a few colors I would definitely love to make a part of my morning work getup.

Originally, I was going to do all these swatches on my eye. Then I realized I was too lazy and that it's an overall stupid idea. You'll have to settle for my arm. :D

I love looking at the palette. It's so colorful. :)

First two rows from left to right.

Next two rows from left to right.

Last row from left to right.

As you can see from these pictures, the colors don't show very well but it's great if you love shimmer. I'm not unhappy with the purchase but I still prefer my mineral makeup more. :)

Avon + Prestige + Oil of Olay Lipsticks

Hello all! No new hauls in the future so instead of going into a hiatus until I do find something new to share, I'm going to start showing you what I have in my makeup arsenal. First up, lipstick!

From left to right:

- Avon Ultra Color Rich "Mauve"
- Oil of Olay "Autumn Leaves"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Mistress Mauve"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Provocative Plum"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Retro Red"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Vixen Violet"
- Prestige "Garnet"
- Avon My Lip Miracle "Berry Delight"
- Avon Precise Satin "Sandy Sable"

This picture was taken in natural sunlight. I got these lipstick at a health fair where free samples were being handed out. I didn't think it was a bad deal to receive full-sized lipsticks (and multiple ones at that) for free. Another table was serving this AWESOME endive and pine nuts salad. In addition to that, there was a massage station. Hell yes, it was fun.

I don't use lipstick often if at all. The one I've used the most has been the Ultra Color Rich "Mauve." I love the color. It's super rich and the formula is super moisturizing. It gets gritty after a couple of hours but that's probably standard. Dunno, any comments?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TKB Trading + Aromaleigh + Fyrinnae Haul

So TKB Trading arrived on Saturday, first of the three as predicted. Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae actually arrived at the same time! Such quick shipping! It didn't feel like it though because I was SO excited to receive these products. Unfortunately, I won't be showing any swatches or anything in this photo dump - I've been a bit distracted with interviews and salary negotiations as of lately so bear with me! Hopefully, these pretty pictures will tie you over.

My TKB Trading haul:

I ordered a lot of bases so I could mix and see what would give me the creamiest mineral eyeshadow with little to no flyaway whatsoever. Still experimenting. :)

Next up, my Aromaleigh haul:

Such pretty wrapping! Even a customized sticker. :D

I can't wait to try the colors! I'm super tempted to hop over there and purchase their Pure Drama eyeliner mineral. It's at 50% off. Still a bit of money for my meager salary but damn...sort of just want to throw my budgeting to the window. Mineral makeup is damn addicting, yo.

And last but CERTAINLY not the least, Fyrinnae! This is the one I was MOST excited for.

Ooo. So mysterious. Another note...they wrapped it up so well that it took me a bit of wrangling to get through all the tape and bubble wrap. This black package was even protected by a bit of cardboard.

Fucking panda tissue paper? I LOVE IT. They're so cute. I pet the wrapping paper. Totally not creepy.

SQUEE. I even got a free sample of Shinigami! I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the size of Aromaleigh's samples. But they were only $1 each so honestly, it's still pretty cheap. I can't imagine myself going through it. Fyrinnae's samples are GENEROUS at $2 so I definitely squealed when I saw them. I haven't even TRIED the materials but judging from the reviews ALL OVER the internet, I can say both are probably going to equally WOW me.

They came just in time for my job interview tomorrow too. :D

Now for some images of my plants. These were planted on March 26th.

And these were planted on June 1st.

Parsley grows MUCH faster than Shiso Perilla, that's for sure. I will need to move these to a bigger pot soon because the roots are poking out from the bottom. I shouldn't have thrown so many seeds together because they're going to kill each other for nutrients. Even if I try separating each plant out, it'll be difficult picking apart that many and I'll probably end up killing a bunch of them. I probably won't try separating them and hope that despite being as condensed as they are, they won't die.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-Review Haul

For the...few (read: zero) subscribers out there, I've just made some purchases from a couple of already well-reviewed makeup companies. Mainly for my enjoyment and mostly because I'm waiting for an important call. In the last day or so, I have blown $50 on these items:

TKB Trading (www.tkbtrading.com)

- TKB Matte Texture Base
- Boron Glow
- Magnesium Stearate
- Methicone Treated Titanium Dioxide
- Black Mica
- Sapphire Mica
- Antique Copper
- True Green
- Amethyst Mica
- Hot Mama
- Red Basics
- Rouge Flambe Red

I'm experimenting with making my own mineral eyeshadows which explains all the bases I'm getting. Hopefully, I won't go too crazy from breathing in all the particles while working. Ha! Gotta go purchase a face mask. Hmm. In other news, I tried purchasing their tiny ziplock bags for mixing purposes but it jacked S&H up to $10.99. Maybe next time. :)

Fyrinnae (www.fyrinnae.com)

- Pixie Epoxy
- Nijiro Loose Eye Shadow
- Freya Loose Eye Shadow
- Dark Magik Loose Eye Shadow
- Daemon's Tail Loose Eye Shadow
- Avenging Salem Loose Eye Shadow
- The Fancy Lad Loose Eye Shadow
- Painted Roses Loose Eye Shadow

All sample sizes again. :)

Aromaleigh (www.aromaleigh.com)

- Eye Lustre: Chloe
- Eye Lustre: Olivia
- Eye Lustre: Amelie
- Gothic Lolita: Teddy Wisp
- Gothic Lolita: Angel Bouquet
- Opulent Lustre: Tea
- Elemental Lustre: Entangle
- Elemental Lustre: Alloy
- Elemental Lustre: Zinnia
- Elemental Lustre: May Lily
- Valentine: Fervor
- Eye Lustre: Persephone
- Eye Lustre: Chloe

I'm aware I got Chloe twice. I contacted them to see if I could switch it to another color but they haven't responded back to me. I'll figure something out if I do get both...

EDIT: They replied and will be replacing one of my Chloe with Astonish. :D Yay! Can't wait to receive them!

TKB will probably arrive first, followed by Aromaleigh. In fact, they might both arrive at the same time. I know that Fyrinnae has a 2-week turnaround period right now so I'm not expecting theirs for a while. It'll give me some time to play with the other items. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mad City Soap: Review

I tried Coeur de Vahine sugar scrub with turbinado sugar from Mad City Soap tonight. It smelled really plasticky from the jar but putting it on my face, the scent was positively lush. Very sensual and soft.

I think I might have washed off too much of the oils because I think I might have to go use some lotion. Otherwise, it was a fabulous product. I really want to purchase some more scents but URGH, I must try them all before spending anymore money.

Isn't the packaging pretty? :D

Sorry, my camera skills are horrendous. D: Here is a closeup of the texture though!

Now onto some updates about my plants. :D Day 8 of my herbs. I had to through the fifth one out because I think the mold was so bad, it had contaminated all the seeds. I think that's why they weren't growing. The scary thing is, mold has invaded the herbs that are growing now but they look healthy so I'm hesitant to disturb them when they're so young. I think I might have to dry it out or something of that sort. :/ Any suggestions? In any case, here are the lovelies:

You can see how tall they've grown compared to the last time. :D

Day 2 of the new herbs. In three days, I should see some growth...cross your fingers!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mad City Soap: Haul #1

I just received my Mad City Soap in the mail today! Memorial Day knocked the shipping off so I had to sit in anticipation while these waited in the post office. :D Sue was a lovely lady to deal with. She put up with all my questions and patiently helped me along since I could not decide what I wanted at first. Finally, I settled on her sugar scrub sampler special: three 2oz. jars of sugar scrubs for $10. I got 6 sugar scrubs, which makes this total: $20 + S&H. Not too shabby. The package smelled FABULOUS.

So prettily wrapped!

Here they are in their unwrapped glory. A couple of them leaked but that's expected since it was 94 degrees this weekend. D: So humid and hot! Clementine and Lavender is the one that leaked the most (which wasn't all that much in the grand scheme of things) so I decided that it would be my first test.

This smells of everything citrusy with just the slightest hint of lavender. I love it. It's so fresh, I think I'm smelling the actual rind of the fruit! Used it in the shower and goodness, the extra turbinado sugar gave it some super scrubbing power because my skin feels as smoothe as a baby's behind. I really couldn't stop sniffing and huffing. :D Hint: the warmer the water you use to rinse this scrub off, the more of the oils you wash away. Since my face is somewhat oily during the hotter months, I tried to rinse as much of it off as I could and it was still very well moisturized. Loved it! No need for lotion after, this one.

On another note, I'm seeing what I can do with my green thumb! I went to Whole Foods and purchased biodegradable pots, organic soil, and 5 packets of seeds. I planted 4 different types of herbs in 5 pots. 2 custom blend basil (which is a mix of thai, lemon, cinnamon, anise, red rubin, etc - all those different types of basil), 1 Italian large leaf basil, 1 shiso perilla (Japanese basil), and 1 cilantro. I had to soak the parsley seeds for 24 hours but after that, I was too lazy to pot them.

4 out of the five have sprouted! Came back from New York to find this:

They were planted on March 26th. :D

Unfortunately for some reason, the fifth one is resisting. I think it might have gotten mold. :/ I'm kind of worried because it hasn't sprouted at all. Makes me sad all the seeds might have died. I did plant 2 more pots of seeds though: 1 shiso perilla and 1 parsley. I went a little crazy with the parsley seeds. You're already supposed to plant them some inches apart. I just threw a bunch of seeds down in this tiny little pot. Yikes...

In any case, I took a picture of the new potted ones along with the fifth one that hasn't sprouted yet. It's the shiso perilla one too so that's why I planted a second one of it. The fifth one from the first batch (aka dying one, moldy one, etc.) is in the upper left corner:

I'm excited to see how they progress. :D I really hope they all germinate, even the strange little fifth one...hmm. My green thumb has been so crazy, I bought a lot of seeds on Ebay. Here is my herb seeds haul from Ebay along with the 5 packets of seeds I purchased from Whole Foods:

Anybody else exploring what they can grow in their kitchen? Let me know how it goes for you!