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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meow Cosmetics: Mysterious Scandals Collection Swatches

More swatches! This is one of Meow's smaller Scandals set. It's called Mysterious Scandals:

Peg E. looks like it would work wonderfully as a highlighter and Marilyn M. was a big surprise. Nothing exciting in this set but I think it's meant to be a bit more subdued. Great colors for daily wear. :)

What do you think?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Love With Darling Girl's My Little Pony Look

Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted an EOTD and here's the true facts: I suck at doing my eye makeup. It's cool. We all need to start somewhere. But what makes it even worse is that I can't take a single decent picture when I do end up putting on eye makeup. It takes about 50 different shots before I find one that's "meh" and decide to post.

Last night I went to see "X-Men: First Class" - fantastic movie. Kind of disappointed they didn't have an extra scene after the credits. Anyway, since going on this no-buy (4th day, woo!), I've started playing with my makeup. Here's a purple look I did last night:

Let me tell you how much I LOVE "My Little Pony" from Darling Girl Cosmetics. It's a beautiful duochrome that shimmers lavender/green when you pat it on. Then if you start blending, a darker lavender color comes out.

What I did was that I primed my eyelid, patted on "My Little Pony" all over my eyelid, then in the crease, I started 'blending' and by blending, I started going back and forth with my brush and MLP. I had the shimmer on the lid and the dark purple on the crease. This one eyeshadow basically completed the look.

I wanted the crease to be a bit more dramatic so I added some of Urban Decay's "Hustle" but I don't think I really needed it. Eyeliner, mascara and whee. It's finished. :)

By the way, those are my eyelashes. "Fairy Drops" mascara is freaking AMAZING.

Products used:
- Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion
- Darling Girl "My Little Pony" eye shadow (lid and crease)
- Urban Decay "Hustle" eye shadow (outer v)
- Avon "Sugar Plum" Glimmerstick eye liner
- Fairy Drops "Scandal Queen" mascara

Have you tried any of these products yet? What do you think of MLP?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Meow Cosmetics: Meow Scandals Collection Swatches

Hi all! Sorry I've been away for a while. I started a new job this week and I have been trying to get acclimated to the new work culture. My old job gave me a really great farewell and I received this in the mail sent by my (ex)boss the Friday I left:

I almost had a conniption when I saw this. Wrote a thank you to my boss and well, I still haven't taken it out of the plastic packaging because I'm afraid I'll get my fingerprints on it, haha! I'm really going to miss those guys. I hope I do well at this new company. Wish me luck!

I am also going on a month long no buy. It started on June 2nd - not June 1st because I bought something on June 1st and decided June 2nd I needed to stop buying stuff. I hope I can do this! I want to see if I can actually go a whole month without purchasing anything. =X

In the meantime, whenever I feel the 'buying' itch, I just have to remind myself that there are still a lot of swatching to do. :)

Moving onto less boring matters, here's Meow Cosmetics Meow Scandals collection:

Neuter is a really pretty olive green, Jessica R. is a really pretty purple but nothing out of the ordinary, Prissy was super patchy - perhaps the matte pigment didn't work well with PE, and Feral was a gorgeous navy blue.

It's not one of my favorite collections but there are definitely some lovelies in this collection.

Have you tried these colors? What do you think?