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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sassy Minerals haul + Fyrinnae Lip Lustre swatch

I came home to a very colorful bundle today from Sassy Minerals (aka Simply Sassy).

I even received 2 free samples: Rave and Off-Kilter. I was so excited to play with them, I took off all the shrink wraps and wanted to open them up to take pictures of the colors themselves. I opened one of them, decided it would take too long and be far too messy to do all of them. Instead, I flipped them over and arranged them in a somewhat orderly fashion.

And because I realize how retarded it is that I'm purchasing all these products but I'm not doing many swatches, here is my lips in Fyrinnae's lip lustre, Melancholy. I moisturized my lips with C.O. Bigelow's Rose Salve and slowly used the sponge applicator to apply it. It's *very* pigmented so after 1 swipe, I had to smack my lips together and even it out. I should really invest in a lip brush. After several more dabs (I'm not kidding about how pigmented the color is) and several more smacks, this is the result.

The color is brighter than I imagined. The shimmer is definitely there. I can see why people love it. :)

Look to the future for orders from Cory Cosmetics, High Voltage, Beautiful Girl Minerals, and Meow Cosmetics. And I mean future. I've still got plenty of swatch posts to do and reviews of the makeup I DO have. I'm waiting on stuff from Morgana Minerals and tomorrow, I should receive my TAL purchase.

Though, I may break and just go after Meow because damn, that Egyptian Treasures collection is beyooo-tiful.

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