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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Avon + Prestige + Oil of Olay Lipsticks

Hello all! No new hauls in the future so instead of going into a hiatus until I do find something new to share, I'm going to start showing you what I have in my makeup arsenal. First up, lipstick!

From left to right:

- Avon Ultra Color Rich "Mauve"
- Oil of Olay "Autumn Leaves"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Mistress Mauve"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Provocative Plum"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Retro Red"
- Avon Glamazing Lip & Cheek Rouge "Vixen Violet"
- Prestige "Garnet"
- Avon My Lip Miracle "Berry Delight"
- Avon Precise Satin "Sandy Sable"

This picture was taken in natural sunlight. I got these lipstick at a health fair where free samples were being handed out. I didn't think it was a bad deal to receive full-sized lipsticks (and multiple ones at that) for free. Another table was serving this AWESOME endive and pine nuts salad. In addition to that, there was a massage station. Hell yes, it was fun.

I don't use lipstick often if at all. The one I've used the most has been the Ultra Color Rich "Mauve." I love the color. It's super rich and the formula is super moisturizing. It gets gritty after a couple of hours but that's probably standard. Dunno, any comments?

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