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Monday, September 27, 2010

Aromaleigh: Les Papillons Swatches

Yay, more swatches!

The great prices and quick shipping - suriously. In. Love.

Anyways, onto the swatches! My room has horrible lighting.

The kitchen has fabulous lighting though. :D

I got a bunch of free samples with my order (Whee! So generous!) so I'm going to do their swatches bit by bit with their respective collections.

I love Flutura's Cloud. It's such a pretty color and I even did an EOTD with it. Flutterby was the full-size one that I purchased and I'm so glad I did because I love the warm pink - almost coral - shade.

Another thing to know about Aromaleigh: fantastic customer service. This was my second time ever buying with this company and I am seriously happy with my products and the service. They emailed me back really quick when I let them know about the eye shadow mix up and some of the products getting on things. Kristen was very sweet and gave me an immediate refund. With the spill, I can understand that it wasn't their fault but Kristen still offered some suggestions, for which I an super appreciative.

For the prices I paid and the quick shipping, my overall experience with this company was great. :)

More swatches to come!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aromaleigh: Bete Noire Swatches

I did an EOTD today but I didn't really like the way it came out so no pictures of that unfortunately. I did do more swatches though. These were done over Pixie Epoxy in natural sunlight. Woo!

I love all the deep colors in this collection. Jolie was a free sample sent to me in the package. :)

Aromaleigh (Dormant Dream): Lost In Faerie Swatches

I'm going to do swatches collection by collection so that I have time to organize and take a breather in between. I am absolutely loving these colors. Just when you think it's one color, all of the sudden, a different angle brings out a different color. I am so happy with my purchases!

Loxy is a very pretty mauve color. It had a bit of a gold shimmer to it. Alina was a bit too bright of a pink for me but I'm sure I'll find use for it in the future. The quality is very smooth and buttery.

Elodie was gorgeous. I don't know where I can wear a gold/green eye shadow but dang, I am definitely going to figure out something with this color. Elysia was not a favorite. I am not a fan of baby blue/sky blue colors. Not to mention, it was more of a matte pigment than the others. Eglantine was very pretty.

These were all swatched over Pixie Epoxy. Due to that unfortunate spill, I am hesitant to take the sifter tape off. Plucking the sifter off the jars was a bit difficult. Anybody know where I can purchase those tops that go underneath the screw-on tops, much like what MAC does with their (old) pigment jars?


I needed a reason to wear bright makeup tonight so I went to a house party in this look:

- MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre"
- Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy
- Aromaleigh's "Amelia" (inner lid)
- Aromaleigh's "Trillium" (lid)
- Aromaleigh's "Flutura's Cloud" (crease)
- Dior's "Diorshow"
- L'Oreal's Linear Intense

Great times! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aromaleigh + Dormant Dream Haul

I got my Aromaleigh and Dormant Dreams today, so excited! They gave me the wrong eyeshadow though so I'm not sure how to approach it considering it's their clearance sale. Naturally, exchanging it costs more than I paid for the product itself. Any ideas?

This order also had an issue. A couple of the products spilled ALL over the bag. I spent a good hour cleaning everything up so that they were picture worthy. Again, any ideas how I can approach this?

Yay! So excited to play with them all! And yes, those are all free samples. :D The ladies over at Aromaleigh and Dormant Dreams were so generous!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another purple EOTD.

I know, I'm boring. This is like the 321,212,412,421,546 purple look I've done. Never mind that I haven't actually made that many posts. But I'm having fun with Pixie Epoxy now that I've figured out how to use this very, very awesome product.

I also stopped coloring in my eyebrows because I really have no idea how to do so without making it look super ridiculous. :/

Adorned With Grace: Eye Shadow + Shimmer Blush Swatches

I finally got around to doing the swatches for my Adorned With Grace haul. The most interesting thing about this company is that it's a vegan company who designs their makeup "specially for Asian (Yellow and/or Olive) skin tones."

I am feeling the love. :)

So, moving on to the swatches:

Compassion is one of the best mauve/taupe colors I've seen. I wish I had done these swatches earlier because then I would've definitely started using this for some of my day-to-day looks. Well, better late than never.

Elegance is another pretty mauve color. Amazing came out looking pink but it is actually a brownish-rosey type of color. Does that make sense?

Blushes! I love Glamorous. I think it's a closer match to NARS "Orgasm" than Lumiere's "Ditto O" blush is.

All pictures were taken in natural light. The eye shadows were swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy and the blushes were swatched over Hand Therapy's Citron Honey & Coriander lotion. I am definitely sticking a full-size jar of Glamorous on my want list. Woo!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Simple & Guilty Pleasures Swatches

Have I said how much I'm loving Meow Cosmetics? SURIOUSLY. From my original haul, here are the final swatches! (Sans freebies because I am too tired to do anymore swatches and pictures today.)

Purrrties. :D

Even MOAR purrrrties.

My favorite purrrrrties! I definitely like the colors from the Guilty Pleasures collection more than I like the colors from the Simple Pleasures collection. One of these days, I am going to have to just go and purchase an entire Meow collection because I know that of the colors I don't purchase, I'm missing out on a lot.

Still learning to do good swatches and taking good pictures! I looked at a couple of my earlier swatch work and bleh. I may actually redo them sometime in the future. :)

Meow Cosmetics: Egyptian Treasures Swatches

Today is Aromaleigh's final closing sale! I've already ordered from the Ciao Italia and Lost in Faerie collections last night. This afternoon, I got the rest of them. But we're not yet finished! I need t get my hands on a couple of Aromaleigh's beautiful Pure Rouge blushes and then we'll be finished. Woo! I think I got all of the colors I wanted instead of Jolie and Dragonfly. There was only 1 each left and I wasn't fast enough. But the other colors I did get will definitely keep me busy for a while.

How did you guys do in your Aromaleigh dash? :D

Moving on, here are the swatches for Meow Cosmetics collection, Egyptian Treasures. This was the collection that got me into Meow in the first place. Before purchasing, I had been eyeing them for a long time. The colors are super vibrant, bright and the formula is wonderful. I haven't figured out how I can incorporate them into work but I am going to experiment. Exciting!

I read that there were a couple of rumblings on how similar these colors all looked to one another. It's no rainbow but it definitely keeps true to the theme of the collection. Swatching is awesome. I'm learning more and more about my camera and Pixie Epoxy isn't as intimidating anymore!

Temple would be perfect for work. Just brush it on your eyelids and out the door you go! I am loving the deep reds though. Seriously, the colors just make your eyes go wide.

I could actually see these three as an entire look. Artifact for the crease, MIW for the lid, and Ra for the highlighting, brow bone, etc.

Fair warning: these blushes are highly pigmented. I swatched them on with a super heavy hand. If you dust it on your cheeks, make sure to do it in layers, not one big swipe. Beautiful colors! Not sure how I would wear Cleopatra though. It's a cooler pink than my skin color would agree with. Finally, last but not least, the glows:

Aren't they pretty? :)

Edited to say that I tried the look with Artifact, MIW, and Ra. Here's my conclusion:

I put more green on my left eyelid than I did on my right so it came out uneven. Wore it for a potluck tonight and just noticed how unbalanced it was. Aarrrrgggh. Still, loving Meow. :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a reminder...

My low buy/no buy period is over, woo! After I purchase all these items, I'm gonna go on another 1 month low buy/no buy period just to see if I can keep it up. Not spending money and seeing it in my bank account was nice for a change, I should do it more often!

Stop that snickering, youse. I know that splurging after the period is over is super pointless but I really believe that the control helped save me some money. Even if not a lot.

Hmm. >_> May need to re-evaluate this low buy/no buy thing. I should do it and NOT splurge. Exert will-power.

But after this week. I will start after this week. :D

Anyway, just a reminder that Aromaleigh will be selling it's final inventory middle of the day, September 18th. That's tomorrow, which is in 7 minutes. Right now, their "Lost In Faerie" and "Ciao Italia" collection is being sold at $5 for every 1.2 grams jar. I've already placed my order, have you? :)

Ciao Italia: Melograni, Pera, Malaga, Tiramasu, Mela, Mora, Biscotti, Puffo, Fragola, Mirtillo, Fior di Latte, Melone, Rosmarino, Frutti di Bosco, Fico

Lost In Faerie: Loxy, Elodie, Trixy, Eglantine, Xylia, Donella, Caelia, Alina, Elysia, Sorette

So many pretty colors. I love it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Lost Rainforest Swatches

Looks like another limited edition will be tucked away over at Meow Cosmetics. This time, it's the Lost Rainforest. I'm absolutely loving this company. Great colors, great formula, great prices, great customer service...should I go on? ;]

This beautiful collection is set to retire at the end of this month! Woot! Just in time for my low buy/no buy period to be over with!

I got a total of 3 blushes, 2 glows, and 1 eyeshadow. It's paltry. I know. So this really isn't that informative of a post as the other bloggers out there can be. But I'm amused. And I gots to play with the makeup. :D These were all swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Nothing makes colors stand out like that awesome product. Plus, I'm learning slowly how to utilize it to its full potential. WOO!

I haven't gotten around to using this color. Still trying to figure out what I should pair it with and I'm thinking purple. But I use purple in a lot of things so maybe not. I'm still trying to work out my camera so even if I did have a look for it, I probably wouldn't have good pictures for it. MUCH SADFACE.

Phantoma really is gorgeous. The color description says it's got a "pink iridescence." It's definitely a cooler pink because in certain lights, it looks purple.

My ONLY problem with the blushes is that I could NOT tell the difference between Forest Flame and Ginger Torch. I do think that if I squint hard enough, Forest Flame is more coral than Ginger Torch. All three colors are fabulous. Anana is so pigmented, it will definitely have to be applied with a very light hand.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Wild Child Swatches

I'm finally getting around to doing some more swatches. I still haven't received my Lost Rainforest replacement blush samples from Meow Cosmetics so those will be held off until I've got them. Wonderful customer service. They responded to my inquiry fast and while I haven't received the items in question yet, I'm sure they'll come. In the meantime, here are some swatches from their Wild Child collection. These eyeshadow and blush minerals are highly pigmented, great quality, and go on buttery.

These were taken in natural light on a cloudy day, no flash, and swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

I really need to get a book for all these sample baggies I'm amassing. Below is the first set of swatches.

I fell in love with ROFLMAO. I don't know when I'd be able to wear it but the teal color with a lime green shimmer - it's gorgeous. As a lover of corals, I really loved BT Dubs also.

TTYL was another favorite. BFF was just flippin' fierce. It went on super smooth and buttery, too.

The blushes were super pigmented. I think I might use Hang Up as an eyeshadow though. I'm really loving the color. :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tomato Facial: Day 2

Took my GMAT today. Not exactly happy about it nor do I really want to think about it. I came home, made me some ramen, ate a cupcake and grabbed the ingredients I would need for this next facial. I'm so stuffed but I want to go and make myself a turkey burger, just to eat.

And this, folks, is why you should stay away from food if you're in this type of mood. So why am I pissed? Because I ran out of time on the exam. Because the exam cost me $300 ($250 originally, plus $50 to reschedule when I realized my business trip ran into it), and I had to cancel the score so that I wouldn't have a crap score on my record. The worst part is I only have 2-3 weeks to take it again because admissions are due soon. :(

ARGH. I hate testings. This is why facials are good.

Mix one cup oatmeal with 3 tbsp. non-fat dry milk, moistening all the oats. Chop one tomato and puree it in a blender. Add that to the oatmeal-milk mixture, stirring to incorporate all ingredients well. Apply to cleansed face and neck skin with the fingertips, keeping free of the eye area. Leave on the skin for 45 minutes. Use a warm washcloth to remove the facial and splash face with warm water.

I added almond oil and olive oil to this recipe. I actually wanted to see how it would affect the mixture. :)

So starting off, here are my ingredients. I LOVE my Magic Bullet.

I don't know what dry milk is. I thought it was powdered milk but since I only had 2% milk, that's what I was using. I definitely should've measured this because the mixture was super runny and I still had a tomato to add to it:

Here are the lovely tomatoes all diced up! I wanted to use the tomatoes from the BBQ since I still had some slices left but they got moldy fast. D: Anyway, I needed to use these tomatoes up anyway so here they are:

Put it through my Magic Bullet and ta-da! Tomato puree.

By this time, the mixture had been sitting for a while so it thickened up, somewhat.

I added my tomato puree to it:

And it's apparently not thick enough. :(

So I let it sit for 10 minutes. It's STILL runny! Dammit. I definitely should've used the measurements for the milk. Argh.

I decide to NUKE this sonuvabeotch. Then I let it sit for another 10 minutes. I chat about stuff with my girls and then ran back to the kitchen to check the consistency. It's still runny so I bring it back to my room, chat online some more, then checked the consistency again. I think it's thick enough now.

Good enough for me! Here is my clean, showered face:

Here is my oatmeal face. It looks pretty funny and it smells nice too.

Here is my face afterward.

You can't really see the difference but I'm going to let you know that it was probably one of the best DIY facials I've ever had. My skin felt smooth, somewhat moisturized, clean, it glowed, and I think it even soothed away some of my forehead wrinkles. Though please take note, my roommate also tried this facial and her skin is more sensitive than mine. She found it dried her skin a bit so she had to use moisturizer after it. We both felt a bit of tingly/stinging action going on but nothing bad. It was just enough that you could tell it was working. :)

I am definitely going to try this facial again. I may add more olive oil and almond oil to it in the future. Definitely less milk.

Since I already explained why tomatoes are good for you, I'm just going to list why the other ingredients are good for your skin:

Oatmeal - Oatmeal facials are especially good for your skin. It's a gentle cleanser that works to exfoliate your skin, removing surface dirt and other impurities. It also helps restore your skin's natural pH level by protecting your skin; it also draws moisture to the skin from the surroundings. It's especially great for those of you with sensitive skin because it works to soothe your skin, taking away redness and providing relief. (In this facial, it worked WONDERFULLY.)

Milk - It has much of the same properties and benefits for your face as yogurt does so I'll be brief. It contains lactic acid which nourishes your skin without stripping it of it's natural oils. It refines pores (which is probably why my skin feels so smooth), it soothes all skin types (so those with easily irritated skin, pat some milk on!), and if you get a sunburn, rinse your face with this. I'm wondering if it gave me the glow I saw after washing the mask off. I think it also helped even out my skin tone.

Almond Oil - I had to buy a sweetened version because that's all my tiny supermarket had. :( Like olive oil (which we will get to in a second), it's a skin emulsifier. This means that it grabs all the yucky stuff from the surface of your skin while at the same time, moisturizing your skin. Then, you rinse off the oil and it takes all that yucky stuff with it down the drain. It smells wonderful and paired with the properties of oats and milk, it all worked wonderfully. Next time, I will be adding more of this. In addition, almond oil works really well for under-eye circles. Dab some oil onto a cotton ball and place it on your eyes when going to sleep. Do this everyday and you should see results. It also helps you get rid of dry skin and wrinkles.

Olive Oil - Before soap and all those scrubs we used, the Ancient Greeks use to rub this all over their body. It's a hypoallergenic emulsifier. What they would do is rub this all over their body, then scrape it off, taking a days worth of dirt and whatnot with it. Then they would crawl into the hot bath and soak. It moisturizes, provides strong antioxidants, there's Vitamin A and E that helps repair and renew skin cells that have been damaged by overexposure to the sun, air pollution, and other environmental hazards. The antioxidants it carries also have the natural ability to stimulate cells and return skin to a firmer, smoother, and healthier state.

With all these ingredients, no wonder my skin feels so refreshed and well-nourished. Definitely trying this again!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tomato Facial: Day 1

I was supposed to start this last night but things got a bit hectic. Here I am! I tried using an online photo editor but it seems that I should just stick to Adobe. I'm NOT digging the quality of these photos so my apologies on that. For future posts, I promise Adobe only. No more cheatin'.

Instead of sticking to a routine, I'm just gonna jump around the recipes, picking whichever one fits my fancy. Not sure why I even tried to get a routine down in the first place anyway. So here is the recipe I chose for last night:

Mash 1 large skinned peach/nectarine (or in my case, a tomato) and 3 tsp. honey together, and add 2 tbsp. yogurt until you have a workable paste. Pat evenly over your face and neck and around your eyes. Lie back and relax for about 10 minutes. Rinse well with warm water, tone and moisturize.

Let me just say off the bat that I do not measure anything. Ever. It's a waste of time and I figured I could just work with it. Here are the ingredients:

I used tomatoes from the BBQ my friends had on Sunday. I gotta use them up before they go bad. So instead mashing one, I just threw a couple of slices into the blender.

Squeezed some honey in there. No, I did not measure this out either. Tapped my Magic Bullet and wala, here is your paste/shake.

It's super runny but so at this point I decide I should follow the recipe somewhat. I don't know how that logic works because if you don't follow it from the beginning, then what's the point.

I pour some more in. Gosh, it's still runny.

Screw following recipes. I'm just gonna start dumping this in.

Stir it up and wala!

The stupid 'paste' is still runny. It's like a melted fruit shake at this point.

Whatever. I can work with it. Here is my face 'BEFORE':

Stop your ewe-ing of my big pores. I'm trying to take care of them, I promise! Here's my picture 'DURING':

I gotta tell you, the smell is different. It's not gross, it's not phenomenal like this probably would be if I had used a real peach instead of replacing it with a tomato but it's different. Honey, vanilla yogurt, and tomatoes...yum? Hmm. Dunno. I didn't try eating my facial. Maybe I should have though. In the name of research and all that jazz.

This is my face 10-15 minutes 'AFTER.' So thoughts:

- I thought it tingled a bit, even stung, when I initially put it on. Usually I welcome and I didn't mind it so much here either. To me, it means that the tomato acid is going to work. Some would argue this.

- Smell is different. The yogurt got a bit more pungent when it started to dry on my face.

- I like how my skin feels refreshed.

Some information on the ingredients used:

Tomatoes: You all already know what tomatoes do for your skin. It's a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, it's got antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals. It's also got astringent properties so it works as a toner/acne fighter. It's cheap too. I bought a bunch of tomatoes for less than $3 and that's expensive. Living in the city is not cheap.

Honey: Honey is one of the best products there is. It's rich in antioxidants like tomatoes, nourishes, cure acne, soften your skin and the best part is sealing in moisture. A lot of issues with acne people have come from dry skin. You might not know you have dry skin but a lot of the times, that's why you have oily skin. If your body feels as though your skin doesn't have enough moisture, it'll start creating its own. So lotion up people! It's the best thing you can do to help your skin.

Yogurt: It's got a rich zinc content which will help fight acne and lactic acid which is a natural skin smoother and exfoliant. Latic acid also helps to refine and clear skin which is why a lot of new skin products these days possess some sort of milk product in them. It's also great for people with pore issues like me to use because it refines your pores. If your skin is easily irritated (I poke at my skin a lot), it also soothes and cleanses at the same time. Don't do what I did though which is purchasing the flavored version.

And that's it for Day 1 of my tomato facials experiment. I tried packing what I had left of my runny tomato facial paste/fruit shake but I had a bit of an accident:

Thank goodness it's blended and won't clog. I hate calling management to fix something in our apartment. :/