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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fyrinnae Eye Shadow Swatch + Review

Here is what I've purchased from Fyrinnae so far:

My favorite, hands down, is definitely Rapunzel Had Extensions. Where others go crazy over purple, I absolutely adore my corals/peaches. I love how soft and pretty this shade is and couldn't believe why I hadn't used it yet.

The oddest eyeshadow had to be Darling Misfit. I know it's a duo-chrome but I couldn't figure out why the blue highlights showed in some random figure-8 shape versus a straight streak.

The base was Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. I still haven't gotten a hold of this product. D: I am practicing though. It might also explain the strange figure-8 shape.

Other color(s) I loved: In The Spotlight (I use this all the time), Titania, Daemon's Tail, and Shinigami. Hell, I love all of the colors. Will definitely continue purchasing from Fyrinnae. :D

Edit: The first and third pictures were taken without flash while the second one was taken with flash. Yikes. In any case, just remember that all the colors in the second picture are 2 shades darker than they show on picture. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morgana Minerals Haul #1

I finally received my Morgana Minerals haul in the mail. It took exactly 14 business days to receive my product. I ordered this 6/23 and received this 7/16. It's about a month's wait. Swatches:

I primed my arm with a homemade base mixed up of liquid foundation and night cream. It works pretty well except for "Zaria." That eyeshadow had a bit of flyaway and difficult to stick. I would definitely recommend some sort of stickier base.

I've already used "Grog Blossom" and I love it. "Burgundy Rose" is just GORGEOUS and I'm looking for reasons to wear it. "Nightmare" and "Mischievous" are both beautiful purples. Definitely something you can wear day to day and not look as though you're heading out to the bar.

The texture is great, the colors are pretty. My only bit with this is "Zaria" which produced so much flyaway that I wasn't even sure if I was able to get the picture out. If I wore it, I would definitely need to use a sticky base like Fyrinnae's "Pixie Epoxy."

I had to take the pictures with flash because the lighting in my room is horrible but you can still get an idea of how pretty the colors are. I got spoiled with shipping by other companies. Usually, I'll receive stuff in a few weeks but not with Morgana Minerals - it took me over 3 weeks to receive it and even though the shipping label was printed on the last day before the TAT was up, I think it was sent out in the mail the day after. I also didn't receive any free samples but obviously, that's not an obligation of theirs.

Good quality product and she answered my email promptly but I think I'll stick with the others.

EOTD - Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio "Megapixel"

Long time no post! I've been waiting for my Morgana Minerals haul and they finally came in. I've stopped purchasing mineral makeup for the time being because I've got enough that I need to use and review. Swatches are forthcoming - I promise!

Instead of stealing my friend's camera, I finally purchased my own. For its first debut...I give you my first EOTD ever:

Yes...I do need to pluck/wax my eyebrows. I used:

- L'oreal Decrease Eye Shadow Base
- Fyrinnae "Pixie Epoxy"
- Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio "Megapixel"
- Fyrinnae "In The Spotlight" (highlighter)
- Make Up For Ever Professional Smoky Lash
- Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Defining Market
- Nabi Eyeliner Pencil in Black

I am still getting used to the camera. At 14 megapixels, you'd think the pictures would be a bit more clearer. :/

Friday, July 2, 2010

TAL Review #1

I got my TAL (BPAL) oils yesterday! It didn't come with any frimps so, sadface. :( But that's okay because I'm super excited to use these oils and see how effective they are! I got French Creole and Mantle of Venus.

From the TAL website:

French Creole- Draws influential, powerful people into your life. Helps make your wishes and desires into a reality.

What's funny is that I really only read the second part. Though I am curious as to how the first part works.

Mantle of Venus- Brings immense success in love and money.

I figured since this was in the "Joy & Inspiration" section, it wasn't love in the romantic sense which is why I bought it. I really just saw the "immense success" part. On further thought, I'm pretty sure it means love in the romantic sense so I might have purchased something not for the reason it was intended.

At $25 a pop, these little guys are a rather expensive bunch. I'm looking to make some major decisions coming along so hopefully, these oils will help me along getting myself there. Not that the description sounds like they'd help. I think there were other ones more suitable for what I'm thinking of so I may actually need to go back and shop. Because they're a bit on the expensive side, that might actually depend on how well these next few weeks go.

Shipping was UBER fast with these puppies. I ordered these 6/28 and received them 6/30. Never got anything faster. I think it even beats TKB by a day. FC smells very herbly and MoV smells super spicy. I am heading out tonight so I'll let y'all know what the results are.

Aromaleigh Swatches #1

Hey all! From my first Aromaleigh haul, here comes the promises swatches:

- Eye Lustre: Astonish
- Elemental Lustre: Alloy
- Opulent Lustre: Tea
- Elemental Lustre: May Lily

- Elemental Lustre: Zinnia
- Eye Lustre: Chloe
- Eye Lustre: Olivia
- Eye Lustre: Amelie

- Eye Lustre: Persephone
- Gothic Lolita: Teddy Wisp
- Gothic Lolita: Angel Bouquet
- Valentine: Fervor
- Elemental Lustre: Entangle

I loved these eyeshadows. The picture didn't quite capture the colors and the lighting in my room was bad but trust me when I say that the colors are out of this world. Zinnia looks like this prissy coral pink but when you swatch it on your skin, you get this duochrome of a blue-violet shimmer. It was gorgeous. My favorite is Persephone though. I'm not sure since I can't imagine wearing this to work but it's the way the purple color winked up at me. I loved it.

You know how you can tell it's a quality product? When your biggest worry about flyaway doesn't really exist because the minerals are so finely ground, they float UP into the air as opposed to flecks of pigment getting all over.