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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-Review Haul

For the...few (read: zero) subscribers out there, I've just made some purchases from a couple of already well-reviewed makeup companies. Mainly for my enjoyment and mostly because I'm waiting for an important call. In the last day or so, I have blown $50 on these items:

TKB Trading (www.tkbtrading.com)

- TKB Matte Texture Base
- Boron Glow
- Magnesium Stearate
- Methicone Treated Titanium Dioxide
- Black Mica
- Sapphire Mica
- Antique Copper
- True Green
- Amethyst Mica
- Hot Mama
- Red Basics
- Rouge Flambe Red

I'm experimenting with making my own mineral eyeshadows which explains all the bases I'm getting. Hopefully, I won't go too crazy from breathing in all the particles while working. Ha! Gotta go purchase a face mask. Hmm. In other news, I tried purchasing their tiny ziplock bags for mixing purposes but it jacked S&H up to $10.99. Maybe next time. :)

Fyrinnae (www.fyrinnae.com)

- Pixie Epoxy
- Nijiro Loose Eye Shadow
- Freya Loose Eye Shadow
- Dark Magik Loose Eye Shadow
- Daemon's Tail Loose Eye Shadow
- Avenging Salem Loose Eye Shadow
- The Fancy Lad Loose Eye Shadow
- Painted Roses Loose Eye Shadow

All sample sizes again. :)

Aromaleigh (www.aromaleigh.com)

- Eye Lustre: Chloe
- Eye Lustre: Olivia
- Eye Lustre: Amelie
- Gothic Lolita: Teddy Wisp
- Gothic Lolita: Angel Bouquet
- Opulent Lustre: Tea
- Elemental Lustre: Entangle
- Elemental Lustre: Alloy
- Elemental Lustre: Zinnia
- Elemental Lustre: May Lily
- Valentine: Fervor
- Eye Lustre: Persephone
- Eye Lustre: Chloe

I'm aware I got Chloe twice. I contacted them to see if I could switch it to another color but they haven't responded back to me. I'll figure something out if I do get both...

EDIT: They replied and will be replacing one of my Chloe with Astonish. :D Yay! Can't wait to receive them!

TKB will probably arrive first, followed by Aromaleigh. In fact, they might both arrive at the same time. I know that Fyrinnae has a 2-week turnaround period right now so I'm not expecting theirs for a while. It'll give me some time to play with the other items. :)

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