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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fyrinnae at home? Sassy Minerals + TAL (BPAL) Preview

Delivery confirmation has indicated that Fyrinnae is "Out for Delivery" so in a few hours when I head home, I should have a lovely package waiting for me. Yippee! I can't wait to get my hands on the new eyeshadows.

I've only tried Nijiro and Pixie Epoxy of the 8-9 items I received from Fyrinnae but I have to say that I absolutely love the sizes. It's pretty standard for mineral companies with the sample option to only give you samples in the amount of 1/16th tsp for $1. It's rare to find 1/8th tsp sample sizes for $1 and to my knowledge, I think only Fyrinnae does 1/3rd tsp for their eyeshadow sample sizes (all numbers and measurements refer to their eyeshadow sample sizes). You pay $2 for it but even if you purchase $2 worth of pigments from the other companies, you still don't get as much as 1/3rd tsp.

Sorry all. I understand quality over quantity but when all these companies are well-respected for their products, then quality is moot and quantity matters. I'm your normal, average consume. :)

Anyway, I will try to do some swatches of my hauls throughout this week. I'm a bit worn out from the weekend. In addition to the other hauls I am waiting on, I also made 2 additional purchases.

From Sassy Minerals (all sample sizes...at $0.75, why not? Ordered 6/24, received 6/30):

- In Hysterics
- Legendary
- Fake It
- Elusive
- Always a Bridesmaid
- All-Nighter
- Don't Blink
- Dreamy
- Jolt
- Make It Work
- Neverending
- No Rules
- Panache
- Prissy Princess
- Rebellious
- Ruby Slippers
- Talking to Myself
- Vixen
- Endless Party
- Fatal Beauty
- Shameless

From TAL, Twilight Alchemy Lab, a subsidiary of BPAL, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab:

- Mantle of Venus
- French Creole

I could only afford two. At $25 a pop, it was painful pressing that "Pay Now" button. I probably should have waited until I started my new job. Ah well, can't fret now. It's all down and over with. I usually shop from BPAL but TAL caught my eye and after reading for the last two days about how these oils work, I wanted to give them a shot myself. Will definitely keep you all updated on the efficacy of these oils. :)

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