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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aromaleigh is closing?

I've only purchased from this company once, being a pretty avid follower of Phyrra's Blog. But apparently it's been announced that Aromaleigh is closing shop? You can purchase what she's got left in stock for 35% off if you use the coupon code, Adieu35. According to twitter, she'll still be releasing her newest collection "Lost in Faerie". Still...wow.

A lot of bloggers are buzzing with this news. Again, since I've only purchased one time, I'm not as invested as others are. I didn't like that the samples were so tiny especially since I got it side-by-side with Fyrinnae but there is no denying it is a pretty solid product. Plus, plenty of other companies only give 1/16th tsp sample sizes also.

In any case, I'm sure people will be scrambling to find out new stores that can replace Aromaleigh. For me, I'll stick with the other many, many mineral makeup companies out there. :)

Edited to say: Apparently there was drama involved with this decision? Weird. I thought it was all personal-life stuff. Ah well, none of my business. Now I wish I sort of took the chance to purchase a few things during the 50% off sale.

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