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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Attempt at my own mineral make-up.

I'm am extremely amazed at the patience it must take smaller mineral companies to create all the colors that they do. Tonight, I attempted to create a couple of eyeshadow colors (with a creamy base) that would match this painting I pulled off of Google images:

Here is my workstation. It's a bit messy.

After a few mixings here and there, these are the 2 colors I was able to come out with before the mica got to my allergies:

I used my fingertip to swatch these powders on. The adhering properties need a bit of work. The colors weren't exactly spectacular either. The orange one looks way too much like the TKB Tangerine Pop mica I used. D:

I took this with flash in the living room (natural light bulbs):

And this picture was taken in the kitchen without flash under florescent light:

#1- This turned out to be a brighter orange than the petals in the picture. It's got a golden shimmer, sort of a light coral.

#2- I didn't have any super red pigments so I wasn't able to match the color in the picture. This turned out to be a colder version of TKB's Raspberry Pop.

First attempt at mineral make-up was nothing special. My sinuses are going crazy too. Urgh, I will invest in a mask next. D:

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