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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mad City Soap: Review

I tried Coeur de Vahine sugar scrub with turbinado sugar from Mad City Soap tonight. It smelled really plasticky from the jar but putting it on my face, the scent was positively lush. Very sensual and soft.

I think I might have washed off too much of the oils because I think I might have to go use some lotion. Otherwise, it was a fabulous product. I really want to purchase some more scents but URGH, I must try them all before spending anymore money.

Isn't the packaging pretty? :D

Sorry, my camera skills are horrendous. D: Here is a closeup of the texture though!

Now onto some updates about my plants. :D Day 8 of my herbs. I had to through the fifth one out because I think the mold was so bad, it had contaminated all the seeds. I think that's why they weren't growing. The scary thing is, mold has invaded the herbs that are growing now but they look healthy so I'm hesitant to disturb them when they're so young. I think I might have to dry it out or something of that sort. :/ Any suggestions? In any case, here are the lovelies:

You can see how tall they've grown compared to the last time. :D

Day 2 of the new herbs. In three days, I should see some growth...cross your fingers!

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