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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Previews! Plus some stuff on skincare...

So sorry for the lack of posts! It's quarter end so things at the job have been heating up. Working long hours and there's a wedding to attend this weekend. Still sore about missing Halloween and dressing up as a zombie for it. Gonna have to look respectable. Booo. But happy nuptials to the the couple, of course!

I wanted to swatch the Urban Decay Naked Palette but considering so many people have done it already with very thorough reviews, I figured I was just being redundant. Okay, the real reason was that I paid a lot of money for it and it hurt to use it for swatching which I always, always do with a heavy hand. Haha, I'm such a cheapo. Plus, the colors came out looking pretty crappy on camera. :/

I DID order some Evil Shades loose eye shadows and I just got the shipping confirmation today (so fast!). So once I get them, you will be seeing some new swatches. I still have my Fyrinnae swatches to complete.

Also, check out this blast from the past (okay, it was definitely in my childhood memories):

Persephone Minerals: Sailor Senshi - Sailor Venus

Persephone Minerals: Sailor Senshi - Sailor Mars

I need to get the complete Inner Senshi set. Just gotta be patient for Sailor Moon!

Also, I broke out pretty heavily last week. This was worrisome because I NEVER break out. I will get at most 1 large pimple during my monthly. Other than that, nothing. My skin-care routine is super basic too. I use generic facial washes (the ones that always say "comparable to...") and I also use Merlot's Grapeseed Night Cream and SPF 15 Moisturizer.

I don't know what happened but my skin SPAZZED. Red bumps like hives but were in fact, tiny pimples. It looked like I was suffering an allergic reaction. I was not happy and had no idea on how to deal. It is definitely one of these:

- Started using a new blush
- Touching my chin with my hands, mainly to rest my chin on my hands
- Eating potato chips
- Heat getting turned on in my apartment

Since Monday, I stopped using the new blush, am VERY aware of NOT touching my face with my hands, and I also threw away the potato chips. Once my skin cleared up, I will use the new blush again and see if that's the culprit. I actually think it might be the blush but I am hoping it isn't. I also called management to get my air filter replaced. Obviously, junk food consumption should be kept to a minimum. Second, y'all should never touch your face with your hands unless they're clean.

Also, this is now my new skincare routine. I used them in the past and got great results. Then I became cheap and got drugstore stuff. Clearly, it has not been working. I went all out and purchased these puppies Sunday evening:

It's been 2 days. My skin is completely clear. I will begin experimenting (using the blush, replacing air filter) and let you all know the results in my next post (which will hopefully be more swatches!).

Good night for now!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

EOTD: Urban Decay Naked Palette

My new roomie is moving in tonight and my current roomie is organizing a bunch of stuff in her room, yelling at me to move my stuff and make room for the new roomie. I did what any logically minded person would do. Ignore her for the time being and play with my makeup. :D

I'm horrible at EOTDs and I still haven't figured out how to take good pictures of my eyes. I can see why UD has such a large following though and why this palette sold out. The colors are very pigmented and the formula is super creamy.

This was also my first time using UD's primer. Yeah, I can see why people are so faithful to that too.

Ingredients used:
- UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion
- UD "Virgin" (browbone)
- UD "Sin" (lid)
- UD "Darkhorse" (crease)
- Dior's "Diorshow"
- UD Eye Pencil "Zero"

Right eye.

Left eye. I think I like my left eye more than my right eye, haha.

I'm so glad I got this set.

Shiro Cosmetics: The Legends Collection Swatches

Hello all! I should be sleeping seeing as how it's quarter after 3 here in the East Coast. But I wanted to play with my cosmetics and well, what's sleep when you got makeup?

...Actually, in order to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, baggies underneath your eyes - you really should go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Don't do stuff like this, lol.

I started swatching my Shiro haul earlier but I had to take a break. After watching Paranormal Activity (I don't understand the hype), I finished the swatches. I even redid a few because I couldn't stand how they came out in pictures.

Anyway, if you haven't already, I suggest you guys check out Shiro Cosmetics! They already have one collection out based on Pokemon and this latest one is based off of the very popular (and awesome) video game, The Legend of Zelda.

Of course I had to get it. With these colors, why not?

Favorites: Temple of Time, Moosh, Ganondorf, Farore's Wind, Veran, Zora, Oshus, Master Sword, Zelda (love this color!)

Had issues with: Majora's Mask and Puzzle Cube. I had to reswatch these twice because I didn't get decent pictures either time. I thought I was using too much/too little Pixie Epoxy. I don't have a solution but basically, if you're using PE, you need to pat these shadows on. I think Puzzle Cube would probably work better as a veil over your eye shadows (it's got some awesome color interference going on) but as for being just eye shadow, I wouldn't know how to go applying it. You would also have to pat, not swipe, with Majora's Mask. It was a beautiful deep purple color with all this glitter but you had to pat it on because even with Pixie Epoxy, it was difficult to get a consistent swatch without patches.

These came as freebies. I love Team Rock and Gengar. How did they know I love purple?? Lol.

Would I buy from them again? DEFINITELY. I really need to mention that each sample size comes with 1/4th tsp worth of product which is more than enough to full-fill your sampling needs. It's very competitive at $1 each. Many indie mineral makeup companies sell their samples for the same price but they only provide 1/16th tsp worth of products. Fyrinnae offers 1/3rd tsp and 1/4th tsp (depending on the color) per color for $2. But they don't call them samples so much as minis. You're getting minis with Shiro. :)

Shipping was uber fast. I ordered either Thursday or Friday and it arrived in less than a week. The colors are gorgeous, the quality is obviously well-formulated, the labeling and packaging are so very cute and neat, not to mention their customer service is definitely not lacking. :)

I'm definitely loving these colors. Hope you're loving them too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Urban Decay: Naked Palette Haul + Primer

I went to get my eyes examined today and the prognosis is: there's some sort of inflammation or infection or whatever wherein I am to stop wearing my contacts for a week, use eye drops 6 times a day, and then go back in for a check up. They don't know what's causing it, it could be the cold I had last week or something worse.

In any case, I came home and saw with my diseased eyes this magnificence.

Holy hippogriffs, Batman. Your Professional Primer size is mighty large!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shiro Cosmetics: The Legends Collection Haul

This arrived in the mail today. Oh my gosh, shipping is fast! Yippers! Thanks Shiro Cosmetics!

The Legends Collection. It looks so cute in the little red organza bag.

So many different colors! I already saw swatches for Zelda and I want to use it for work tomorrow. :D


Thank goodness it's almost the weekend. I can't wait to sit down and start swatching for these lovelies.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Beaver Moon + Yule 2010 Preview

I haven't purchased from Black Phoenix for about...7 months now. I have so many bottles and imps that it just didn't seem responsible to purchase more especially since I haven't even tried half the bottles I did buy from the last Halloween/Yuletide seasonal collections.

Oh wait, that's a lie. I did purchase a couple of oil blends from Twilight Alchemy, a subsidiary of BPAL.

I usually don't purchase Lunacies (with each full moon, they come out with a different scent to represent their definition of that moon) but urgh, this one has me salivating.

Beaver Moon - Strawberry and peach cheesecake, heavy on the sticky glaze.

I'm friggin' lactose-intolerant yo. I don't even know how it'd work as a scent (not big on foody scents) but I am seriously enticed.

Go here to check out the rest of their seasonal collections. They've even got a pack of scents up based off of The Last Unicorn. :D

My favorite of theirs still remains to be, Jingu. It's the best plum scent I've ever come across.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Zombies Swatches

I am so tired. I got back from the office really late tonight (we're entering budgeting season), took a shower, cooked a pot of ginger and crab fried rice, and then rolled to my computer to start swatching. Again, I am really loving Meow right now. Check out these awesome-rific colors from their Zombies collection:

Favorites: Sinister, Spider Web, Jack-O-Lantern, Macabre, Goblin, Full Moon, Ghoul, Blood Lust, Coven, Evil Eye

What appeals to you? :D

Meow Cosmetics: Dance of Death Swatches

Hello all! Hope your day is going well. I buckled and bought Urban Decay's Naked Palette after much inner monologue. I also attached a Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Professional Size because I've been meaning to try it out. What better time than when I can use it to take advantage of their free shipping? Woo. I can't wait until they both come in.

Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics also sent me a shipping notification. Eee! I've been watching it like a mad rabbit.

Anyway, today I finally got around to doing my Meow Cosmetics Dance of Death collection. The colors are phenomenal. There's a wide variety of items (eye shadow, veil, liner) and the loose powder goes on quite creamy. As always, everything is swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy in my little kitchen.

The mixing medium I used for the liners was Visine. Haha, I don't have any other mixing medium aside from that and water.

Favorites: Can I say the entire collection? I mean I tried picking out favorites but it was practically every single color. Meow is definitely a favorite in general. <3

Also, Persephone Minerals just debuted another part of their Sailor Senshi Collection:

The Sailor Jupiter Set

The photo was taken from the Etsy store. I put in names so that the colors were easier to separate. Hope I got them all right! I've been stalking the blog and I guess Sailor Venus is coming out next. Wooo! I'm so excited to see what colors are coming.

Arrrgh, was gonna do Zombies next but I'm so tired and I've got work in the mornin'. Night y'all.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Haul

Just received the last of my Meow Cosmetics order!

I love the wrapping paper they use. Branding is everything!

So much variety. :D Zooooombies.

Will be swatching this as soon as I complete a few redo swatches. :)

Persephone Minerals and Urban Decay "Naked" Palette

Just found out by way of Phyrra that Persephone Minerals has just started a Sailor Senshi collection. WHUT. I AM SO EXCITED. I used to run home from school every weekday to watch the dubbed versions on Cartoon Network. Then when I discovered the subtitles on Ebay, I immediately purchased the entire set plus all three movies.

Hated Rini. Seriously, she was freaking irritating, yo.

Anyway, I've been meaning to purchase from this company for a while now. This company has just been pushed it all the way to the top of my to-buy list.

First up in the collection:

The Sailor Mercury Set

The image belongs solely to Persephone Minerals. I just added color names to make it easy.

5 beautiful shades of blue all based off of of Ami. From the Etsy store:

PRINCESS MERCURY - Princess Mercury is just the faintest touch of super shimmering blue. Very light & soft. It is inspired by the dress of Princess Mercury.

AMI - Ami is a deeper, black based blue with blue microfine glitters. Makes a lovely liner as well! It is inspired by Ami's haircolor ;)

MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER! - Mercury Crystal Power is an amazing DUOCHROME shift from gold to bright blue. It is chock full of sparkles of gold and pink. Mercury Crystal Power is inspired by the pink & gold of the her wand, and the transformation sequence that turns Ami into Sailor Mercury!

SAILOR MERCURY - Sailor Mercury is a nice medium-dark blue with sparkles of aqua and gold. Sailor Mercury is inspired by the costume of Sailor Mercury. The main color being a medium blue with accents of aqua(her bows) and gold(tiara).

MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY! - Blue with various shades of blue sparkles,white sparkles, & aqua sparkles!! Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles! ;) I recommend this as either wetlined or used with a sticky primer for the most dramatic effect! It can be used dry but it has those slightly bigger pieces of glitter that can have a bit more fall out than the microfines. This super sparkly shade is inspired by her attack in the form of Super Sailor Mercury!

Ingredients and eye/lip-safe information is listed at the store. Go forth and colorize.

And then there was...

Urban. Decay. NAKED. Bow. Chicka. WOW. WOW.

I need your opinions. Should I get the Urban Decay "Naked" Palette or no? I just got a notification in the email that UD was stocked with the palette again. The only reason I'm hesitating is because my horoscope said:

"Try not to go over any spending limits today, no matter how tempted you may be."

WHUT do you mean, oh wise Astrology.Com horoscope??

(Yes. I'm aware I am being irrational.)

So...should I? What are your thoughts? I've read a lot of positive reviews but I'm wondering if there's anything that maybe kept you guys from purchasing it?

(I may actually wait the full 48 hrs - it's the time period they've given for you to purchase the product - so that I can see what tomorrow's horoscopes says. Haaaaaa. I will beat you Astrology.Com.)

Edit: Turns out Astrology.Com is being vuuury persistent about this no spending thing. It says this today: "You shouldn't trust your ATM receipt -- or even your online balance -- for the time being. Something may be pending, or you might just have an unexpected expense coming up in the very near future." Assholes. Well it's not like I can purchase it anyway being that when I tried this morning, UD's website gave me an error message. Boo.

Edit #2: Okay. I finally ordered it. This is how I beat you, Astrology.Com.

Whaaarrrllbllaargh. Stupid.

Let me preface by saying I'm new to mineral makeup and this scene y'all have going. I decided to only start posting because I wanted somewhere to muse about makeup on. I'm fairly easy going. Unless you send me cigarette ashes in a sealed baggie and call it "Smokey Eyes", I'm probably not going to complain about the product and/or color. What this means is that there rarely will be ANYTHING negative on this blog. I see enough negative things that I should be able to have one place where I don't have to deal with it.

When I made my first order from Miss K's blog, my Ciao Italia! and Lost in Faerie came wrapped in purple tissue paper with a "Dormant Dream" sticker. From then on, I just took everything from the blog as Dormant Dream products, not Aromaleigh because you can't order from the Aromaleigh site, you have to order from the blog etc etc. I found out this morning that this was not the case.

Ooooops. I feels stooopid.

So I'm making this post to those of you who read it that I'm sorry for any confusion. I have edited the posts but the pictures will remain until I can redo the pictures and change it from "Dormant Dream" to "Aromaleigh". Since I did not save the stock photos, I will have to redo the swatches again so it will take some time. That's fine since I didn't really like the way my Wonderstruck swatches came out. Haha.

Anyway, for those of you who pay attention to my blabberings - if you see something off in a post, let me know. Preferably not under anonymity because I will immediately think there is something shady about you. Shiiiiiifty. I try to stay informed but again, don't really know all the nooks and crannies to keep myself completely informed just quite yet.

OH YEAH - just wanna reiterate that I can't wait for my Shiro's Legend samples. SQUEE. :D :D

Edit: Wonderstruck - Finished!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aromaleigh: Spells! Swatches

Based off of the ever-so-popular books, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, here's Aromaleigh's/Miss K's Blog Spells! collection. Whew, after this, all I have left are the rest of my Fyrinnae swatches and Meow Halloween collections. :D

Must haves: Nox, Diffindo, Tarantellegra, Protego, Imperio, Silencio, Serpensortia, Finite, Morsmordre, Fidelius, Stupefy, Wingardium Leviosa, Expecto Patronum, Crucio

What are your favorites?