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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Profound Eyeshadows

This is one of my many eyeshadow palettes that I possess. I purchased this off of Amazon with a free gift certificate and haven't used it. (I love my mineral make-up too much.) This swatching post is the first time I've ever used this palette. I'm glad I did because there are definitely a few colors that I think would be great as part of my daily work getup.

I thought it was creamy at first but it might just have been the bristles on my brush. It's got a bit of flyaway, more than I would prefer. It's not as pigmented as the palette shows and it might be because of the high shimmer. I didn't use a primer or base or anything of the sort to help the eyeshadow adhere either. In any case, I'm not disappointed. I've discovered a few colors I would definitely love to make a part of my morning work getup.

Originally, I was going to do all these swatches on my eye. Then I realized I was too lazy and that it's an overall stupid idea. You'll have to settle for my arm. :D

I love looking at the palette. It's so colorful. :)

First two rows from left to right.

Next two rows from left to right.

Last row from left to right.

As you can see from these pictures, the colors don't show very well but it's great if you love shimmer. I'm not unhappy with the purchase but I still prefer my mineral makeup more. :)

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