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Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a reminder...

My low buy/no buy period is over, woo! After I purchase all these items, I'm gonna go on another 1 month low buy/no buy period just to see if I can keep it up. Not spending money and seeing it in my bank account was nice for a change, I should do it more often!

Stop that snickering, youse. I know that splurging after the period is over is super pointless but I really believe that the control helped save me some money. Even if not a lot.

Hmm. >_> May need to re-evaluate this low buy/no buy thing. I should do it and NOT splurge. Exert will-power.

But after this week. I will start after this week. :D

Anyway, just a reminder that Aromaleigh will be selling it's final inventory middle of the day, September 18th. That's tomorrow, which is in 7 minutes. Right now, their "Lost In Faerie" and "Ciao Italia" collection is being sold at $5 for every 1.2 grams jar. I've already placed my order, have you? :)

Ciao Italia: Melograni, Pera, Malaga, Tiramasu, Mela, Mora, Biscotti, Puffo, Fragola, Mirtillo, Fior di Latte, Melone, Rosmarino, Frutti di Bosco, Fico

Lost In Faerie: Loxy, Elodie, Trixy, Eglantine, Xylia, Donella, Caelia, Alina, Elysia, Sorette

So many pretty colors. I love it!

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