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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Egyptian Treasures Swatches

Today is Aromaleigh's final closing sale! I've already ordered from the Ciao Italia and Lost in Faerie collections last night. This afternoon, I got the rest of them. But we're not yet finished! I need t get my hands on a couple of Aromaleigh's beautiful Pure Rouge blushes and then we'll be finished. Woo! I think I got all of the colors I wanted instead of Jolie and Dragonfly. There was only 1 each left and I wasn't fast enough. But the other colors I did get will definitely keep me busy for a while.

How did you guys do in your Aromaleigh dash? :D

Moving on, here are the swatches for Meow Cosmetics collection, Egyptian Treasures. This was the collection that got me into Meow in the first place. Before purchasing, I had been eyeing them for a long time. The colors are super vibrant, bright and the formula is wonderful. I haven't figured out how I can incorporate them into work but I am going to experiment. Exciting!

I read that there were a couple of rumblings on how similar these colors all looked to one another. It's no rainbow but it definitely keeps true to the theme of the collection. Swatching is awesome. I'm learning more and more about my camera and Pixie Epoxy isn't as intimidating anymore!

Temple would be perfect for work. Just brush it on your eyelids and out the door you go! I am loving the deep reds though. Seriously, the colors just make your eyes go wide.

I could actually see these three as an entire look. Artifact for the crease, MIW for the lid, and Ra for the highlighting, brow bone, etc.

Fair warning: these blushes are highly pigmented. I swatched them on with a super heavy hand. If you dust it on your cheeks, make sure to do it in layers, not one big swipe. Beautiful colors! Not sure how I would wear Cleopatra though. It's a cooler pink than my skin color would agree with. Finally, last but not least, the glows:

Aren't they pretty? :)

Edited to say that I tried the look with Artifact, MIW, and Ra. Here's my conclusion:

I put more green on my left eyelid than I did on my right so it came out uneven. Wore it for a potluck tonight and just noticed how unbalanced it was. Aarrrrgggh. Still, loving Meow. :D

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poinky said...

I really like your EOTD and swatches... they're wonderful. Thanks for posting them! :)