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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aromaleigh (Dormant Dream): Lost In Faerie Swatches

I'm going to do swatches collection by collection so that I have time to organize and take a breather in between. I am absolutely loving these colors. Just when you think it's one color, all of the sudden, a different angle brings out a different color. I am so happy with my purchases!

Loxy is a very pretty mauve color. It had a bit of a gold shimmer to it. Alina was a bit too bright of a pink for me but I'm sure I'll find use for it in the future. The quality is very smooth and buttery.

Elodie was gorgeous. I don't know where I can wear a gold/green eye shadow but dang, I am definitely going to figure out something with this color. Elysia was not a favorite. I am not a fan of baby blue/sky blue colors. Not to mention, it was more of a matte pigment than the others. Eglantine was very pretty.

These were all swatched over Pixie Epoxy. Due to that unfortunate spill, I am hesitant to take the sifter tape off. Plucking the sifter off the jars was a bit difficult. Anybody know where I can purchase those tops that go underneath the screw-on tops, much like what MAC does with their (old) pigment jars?

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