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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Previews! Plus some stuff on skincare...

So sorry for the lack of posts! It's quarter end so things at the job have been heating up. Working long hours and there's a wedding to attend this weekend. Still sore about missing Halloween and dressing up as a zombie for it. Gonna have to look respectable. Booo. But happy nuptials to the the couple, of course!

I wanted to swatch the Urban Decay Naked Palette but considering so many people have done it already with very thorough reviews, I figured I was just being redundant. Okay, the real reason was that I paid a lot of money for it and it hurt to use it for swatching which I always, always do with a heavy hand. Haha, I'm such a cheapo. Plus, the colors came out looking pretty crappy on camera. :/

I DID order some Evil Shades loose eye shadows and I just got the shipping confirmation today (so fast!). So once I get them, you will be seeing some new swatches. I still have my Fyrinnae swatches to complete.

Also, check out this blast from the past (okay, it was definitely in my childhood memories):

Persephone Minerals: Sailor Senshi - Sailor Venus

Persephone Minerals: Sailor Senshi - Sailor Mars

I need to get the complete Inner Senshi set. Just gotta be patient for Sailor Moon!

Also, I broke out pretty heavily last week. This was worrisome because I NEVER break out. I will get at most 1 large pimple during my monthly. Other than that, nothing. My skin-care routine is super basic too. I use generic facial washes (the ones that always say "comparable to...") and I also use Merlot's Grapeseed Night Cream and SPF 15 Moisturizer.

I don't know what happened but my skin SPAZZED. Red bumps like hives but were in fact, tiny pimples. It looked like I was suffering an allergic reaction. I was not happy and had no idea on how to deal. It is definitely one of these:

- Started using a new blush
- Touching my chin with my hands, mainly to rest my chin on my hands
- Eating potato chips
- Heat getting turned on in my apartment

Since Monday, I stopped using the new blush, am VERY aware of NOT touching my face with my hands, and I also threw away the potato chips. Once my skin cleared up, I will use the new blush again and see if that's the culprit. I actually think it might be the blush but I am hoping it isn't. I also called management to get my air filter replaced. Obviously, junk food consumption should be kept to a minimum. Second, y'all should never touch your face with your hands unless they're clean.

Also, this is now my new skincare routine. I used them in the past and got great results. Then I became cheap and got drugstore stuff. Clearly, it has not been working. I went all out and purchased these puppies Sunday evening:

It's been 2 days. My skin is completely clear. I will begin experimenting (using the blush, replacing air filter) and let you all know the results in my next post (which will hopefully be more swatches!).

Good night for now!


dull_flame said...


I'm sorry about your skin problems. Mine has been freaking out lately, too. When I run out of toner I'm using it as an excuse to try something new, Boots no. 9, because nobody near me sells Kiehl's and when I run out I NEED IT NOW. My face is like a grease pit and maybe the balancing stuff will help me out, to kill the greasiness without drying my skin out and making it produce more oil to compensate.

ladyinatophat said...

The Sailor Mars swatches on her Etsy are GORGEOUS. I neeeeeeds.

I would blame it on the weather but I've gone through weather changes without this bad of a breakout on my skin. They're tiny, tiny pimples so it's annoying. I'm lucky I've never really had to deal with them so when it does happen - like now - I run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

How do you like your skin routine? I have combination. Dry on my cheeks and extremely oily on my t-zone. I haven't figured out what to do about the oily t-zone yet. It doesn't break out despite the greasiness - thank goodness - but it looks gross. :/

doidaredisturbtheuniverse said...

hello from a stranger creepo :D

I felt compelled to comment on this post because in your reasons for breaking out you didn't mention added stress, and yet you've been working longer hours and meeting deadlines and stuff..

In my breaking out experience, stress is usually the #1 cause for my probs.. anyway, not that the other things couldn't be causing you to break out.. but I would think the added stress is the predominant cause.

that being said, relax! if you can at least.. and p.s. I love your blogz

dull_flame said...

My skin is oily pretty much everywhere except these two little spots around my nostrils that are actually (my dermatologist told me this a couple of years ago) a yeast infection that will probably never go away. But they dry out and hurt quite a bit. Nothing like walking around with Neosporin on your face every day for a week.

I usually wash my face twice a day, once in the shower and once not, and follow that with toner and acne moisturizer. That's worked for a few months, but all of a sudden my face just broke out all over last week.

ladyinatophat said...

@DoIdareDisturb- LOVE the name. I lol'd out loud at work which goes to show, don't be fooling around on the interwebz at work, lol. I would've also thought it was the long hours but I've had much more stressful weeks than the one last week. Last week was kind of mild in comparison but maybe my skin is changing and that's why it's suddenly acting up? I have been getting more sleep this week. :) Anyway, I'm glad you like the blog! Hopefully I can think of more fun things to add, haha.

@dull_flame- I've used Neosporin on my face before. I'm one of those that picks at my facial blemishes - I know, sacrilege - so I always use Neosporin after. I think yours and my skin are conspiring. I do the same thing as you (minus the acne moisturizer) and all of the sudden, bam. Acneville.

dull_flame said...

Oh, I went to beauty school and know a fair amount about skincare, and I still pick my face. Everyone does it. There isn't a single person on this earth that can keep their hands 100% off their face.

Neosporin saves my life sometimes. That and hydrocortisone cream. Damn eczema.