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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Dance of Death Swatches

Hello all! Hope your day is going well. I buckled and bought Urban Decay's Naked Palette after much inner monologue. I also attached a Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Professional Size because I've been meaning to try it out. What better time than when I can use it to take advantage of their free shipping? Woo. I can't wait until they both come in.

Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics also sent me a shipping notification. Eee! I've been watching it like a mad rabbit.

Anyway, today I finally got around to doing my Meow Cosmetics Dance of Death collection. The colors are phenomenal. There's a wide variety of items (eye shadow, veil, liner) and the loose powder goes on quite creamy. As always, everything is swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy in my little kitchen.

The mixing medium I used for the liners was Visine. Haha, I don't have any other mixing medium aside from that and water.

Favorites: Can I say the entire collection? I mean I tried picking out favorites but it was practically every single color. Meow is definitely a favorite in general. <3

Also, Persephone Minerals just debuted another part of their Sailor Senshi Collection:

The Sailor Jupiter Set

The photo was taken from the Etsy store. I put in names so that the colors were easier to separate. Hope I got them all right! I've been stalking the blog and I guess Sailor Venus is coming out next. Wooo! I'm so excited to see what colors are coming.

Arrrgh, was gonna do Zombies next but I'm so tired and I've got work in the mornin'. Night y'all.


Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

I just stared at Eerie for the longest of times! SUCH A PRETTY PURPLE!

Also yay for the naked palette! I did a neutral look today and thought of you and your inner struggle with whether or not to get it and was going to tell you to get it after all because I realized there's nothing sexier than being able to wear neutrals and still feel AMAZINGLY DARN GOOD LOOKING...despite the "lack" of make up!

Can't wait to see your thoughts on it once you get it.

dull_flame said...

Very pretty! I'm so excited about the Sailor Senshi collections. I've been a Sailor Moon fan since I was six years old and never really let go of it.

Do those veils have a duochrome effect or do they just shimmer as one color?

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I just got my Meow order :D I wish I had gotten Demon, though, it looks beautiful.

Leira Yann said...

great swathces. I love the cadaver.

ladyinatophat said...

@Suki- I KNOW. I was staring at Eerie the same way! It's such a deep purple that I think it'd be a shame not to add it to your collection. I'd want a dress and shoes in this color, haha. I can't wait to get my Naked Palette! I am definitely going to be doing swatches as soon as I get it in the mail. :D Lots of exciting packages coming by the end of this week.

@Dull_flame- I loved reading fanfics too. I'm such a nerd, haha. The veils do have a duochrome effect. The effects don't show up as intensely as say, the Planet series from TKB does, but Poltergeist has a pretty pink/lavender shimmer (it's white in the baggie) and Spectre is mainly teal. I think it would look great swatched over another eyeshadow.

@Heather- It's such a bright orange. I seriously thought it was gonna be named something like Pumpkin or along those lines. I usually don't like oranges but I'm so glad I got this!

@Leira- Thanks! Cadaver is a very pretty gold but there's another bit of sparkle to it I can't point out just yet. I love Meow - it's always a surprise in a baggie, haha.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors <3 I'm so happy Meow sells their "theme pigments" several years, I bought mine last year!

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

ladyinatophat said...

Hey! I love the looks that your do on your blog!

I'm really enjoying the variety of eyeshadow colors that Meow puts out. This is also the perfect time of the year with Halloween and the holidays following shortly thereafter. I'm loving the Halloween collections. :D

dull_flame said...


Oh. I already have something similar from Naked, so I'll skip. But thanks for answering!

ladyinatophat said...

No prob!