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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Sugarplums and Ghost Stories Swatches

Accck. I was so busy running around yesterday, I didn't get a chance to do swatches. That's okay, I will do another set later on tonight - for today - as this post counts for yesterday. I'm still trying to do a collection a day until I run through all the Meow ones I ordered. :D

Since these collections are much smaller than the other ones, I decided to combine them. As always, eye shadows are swatched over Pixie Epoxy and both the blushes and glows are swatched over generic lotion. These were a bit more difficult to get pictures of but I tried my best. I'm not too happy about how these swatches turned out. Grrr.

First up, Meow's Sugarplums collection:

Second, Meow's Ghost Stories collection (these are all glows):

I love the Sugarplum blush and the Present glow. I am definitely going to attempt wearing Sugarplum today. We'll see how it looks with my skintone. :D

Don't you love purples??


Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

I need to stop looking at your swatches especially since you seem partial to purples and purples are my weakness D:

Lady In A Top Hat said...

Haha, I love purples! It's one of the few colors I know how to apply. =X

Robyn said...

Those purples are beautiful!

Peace, Love and Sparkles! XOXO, Sandi said...

Another purple lover here! I have Fairy on its way, but after seeing your swatches, I wish I had ordered Nutcracker too!

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Robyn- I love Meow's purples. :D

@Sandi- It really is a great color. I love red but purple definitely has it's appeal. Argh, I wish I could dye my hair purple without having to bleach the darn thing.

SilhouetteScreams said...

OMG I love the Sugarplum eyeshadows, and Past and Present too! *_____* Your blog is such a good source of eye candy, I could stare all day haha

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Silhouette- Girl, thank you! Gotta do what you're good at haha and it ain't eotds...that's your expertise! ;]

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I am loving everything in the Sugarplums collection! And Present looks amazing. Hopefully they will still be available when Meow reopens after Christmas; I'd really like to to order the blushes!

Megan said...

OOh! I am getting all the Meow Eyeshadows for Christmas!! So excited to open them! Great Swatches!

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Heather- I really want to get a full size of everything from this collection. It's just made of win!

@Megan- Yay! That's definitely a very "happy" holidays right there! :D