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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beauty Blogs & Skincare

Since I'm waiting on a couple of things in the mail, I will take this time to do some skincare reviews. I want to get through what products I do have before I buy anymore. I have such a strong spending urge (every day) that this will definitely be a challenge. So without further ado, here is a history of my skincare.

When I read other beauty blogs, I am always puzzled to find out that people have skincare issues and this is mainly coming from someone who has rarely had skin issues. When I was younger, I did a brief stint at McDonald's even though my parents owned their own business.

This was also during my years where I started getting all those funky teen hormones. So yes, I broke out. Working around that much grease and eating all that nasty food- also bad for the skin. I don't remember much about my skin routine then but I think it eventually cleared up because of these reasons:

- Washing my face constantly (mid-day, I'd be wiping my face down with a clean, wet paper napkin)
- And not touching my face with my hands or anything that had touched something else

I was pretty anal about these 2 things. Between now and then, I experimented. Drug-store products, high-end products, basic soap and water, etc.

I don't remember regretting anything except for the one time I used Colgate toothpaste on a huge zit. It didn't help any, just made it bigger and more painful. Yeah, if you come across that tip, IGNORE it. I also had this thing about popping my zits too. D: D: For some reason, popping them actually kept me from scarring as much as it did when I just left them alone. Yes, I have left them alone but they just got bigger aand when they finally stopped growing, it would take WEEKS to go away.

Would you believe I've only started using moisturizer in the last 2 years? And I hated sunscreen - STILL hate sunscreen? Not that I needed it because I hated the sun and stayed inside but still didn't use it on the off-chance I did decide to spend it in the sun. Now, my routine consists of a few basic items (because I've realized that once you start living on your own, food and rent takes priority over beauty products):

- CVS Energizing Facial Cleanser (Preview) - $3-$5
- Merlot Grapeseed SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer (Merlot Shop - review to come!) - $15-$20
- Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream (Merlot Shop - review to come!) -$20-$25
- Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover (Walgreen's Link) -$5-$6

Once in a while, I will use my Queen Helena Mint Julep clay mask and this moisturizing lavendar mask I got in Taiwan. I will review the second one (since the Mint Julep one has been done so many times already) when I get the chance to take some pictures.

Do I get any breakouts? A tiny pin-prick of a zit here and there. :) Even when it's my monthly, it's a tiny bit. I'm not sure what I'm doing that keeps me from breaking out but I'd like to think it's something with keeping it simple versus just being lucky and born with good skin.

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