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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EOTD - Fyrinnae, NYX Purple & Blue

I am not joking when I say that this looks better in pictures than it did in real-life. And if you think it looks bad in pictures...well. Ha! I am not at all used to bright makeup. I use it here and there. It's barely noticeable then. Tonight, I was bored and trying to learn how to use my camera. I STILL don't know how to use it and I also realized that I'm not that great with makeup. Heh. :D

So anyway, this is what happens when you don't coordinate your colors, when you stick your hand in a bag of eye shadows and pluck out the first four colors your fingers land on. You trade 2 because they were too similar to the other two but other than that, there wasn't much thought.

You take this:

Transform this:

Into this!

I tried to do one of those artsy side-views. But it didn't really pan out. D:

I have never washed my face off faster. D:

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