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Friday, July 2, 2010

Aromaleigh Swatches #1

Hey all! From my first Aromaleigh haul, here comes the promises swatches:

- Eye Lustre: Astonish
- Elemental Lustre: Alloy
- Opulent Lustre: Tea
- Elemental Lustre: May Lily

- Elemental Lustre: Zinnia
- Eye Lustre: Chloe
- Eye Lustre: Olivia
- Eye Lustre: Amelie

- Eye Lustre: Persephone
- Gothic Lolita: Teddy Wisp
- Gothic Lolita: Angel Bouquet
- Valentine: Fervor
- Elemental Lustre: Entangle

I loved these eyeshadows. The picture didn't quite capture the colors and the lighting in my room was bad but trust me when I say that the colors are out of this world. Zinnia looks like this prissy coral pink but when you swatch it on your skin, you get this duochrome of a blue-violet shimmer. It was gorgeous. My favorite is Persephone though. I'm not sure since I can't imagine wearing this to work but it's the way the purple color winked up at me. I loved it.

You know how you can tell it's a quality product? When your biggest worry about flyaway doesn't really exist because the minerals are so finely ground, they float UP into the air as opposed to flecks of pigment getting all over.

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