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Friday, July 2, 2010

TAL Review #1

I got my TAL (BPAL) oils yesterday! It didn't come with any frimps so, sadface. :( But that's okay because I'm super excited to use these oils and see how effective they are! I got French Creole and Mantle of Venus.

From the TAL website:

French Creole- Draws influential, powerful people into your life. Helps make your wishes and desires into a reality.

What's funny is that I really only read the second part. Though I am curious as to how the first part works.

Mantle of Venus- Brings immense success in love and money.

I figured since this was in the "Joy & Inspiration" section, it wasn't love in the romantic sense which is why I bought it. I really just saw the "immense success" part. On further thought, I'm pretty sure it means love in the romantic sense so I might have purchased something not for the reason it was intended.

At $25 a pop, these little guys are a rather expensive bunch. I'm looking to make some major decisions coming along so hopefully, these oils will help me along getting myself there. Not that the description sounds like they'd help. I think there were other ones more suitable for what I'm thinking of so I may actually need to go back and shop. Because they're a bit on the expensive side, that might actually depend on how well these next few weeks go.

Shipping was UBER fast with these puppies. I ordered these 6/28 and received them 6/30. Never got anything faster. I think it even beats TKB by a day. FC smells very herbly and MoV smells super spicy. I am heading out tonight so I'll let y'all know what the results are.

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