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Friday, May 6, 2011

Meow Cosmetics: Wild Child Collection Swatches

Hello all! Happy, happy weekend! I did not realize the last two weeks were going to be so crazy. I mean, it was month-end but I honestly did not think it would be quite that bad. I am terribly happy it is the weekend now and knew that I had to post something to show that I am alive.

I'm not sure why these swatches turned out not so great. :/ I may redo them in the future. For now, here is a reference point for Meow's Wild Child collection of eye shadows and blushes!

I love how bright this collection is. However, the blushes really aren't my thing. I tend to like just a little bit of shimmer on my cheek. Otherwise, I look like something from outer space and not the pretty kind like Katy Perry in E.T.

Favorite colors are: OMG, My Bad, TTYL, Sexy Time, ROFLMAO, Flixting, GMTA, LOL

I actually did a couple of swatches from this collection in my past. If you dig way, way back, you'll find the crappy pictures I did, haha. I think this time around, the picture quality is a bit better. :)

What are your favorite colors? Anything from this collection that you wear daily?


dull_flame said...

I have samples of Troll, WTF, and Sexypants. I LOVE Troll and WTF, but I wasn't nuts about Sexypants for some reason. It's a great color but I was sorta "meh" on it. I need to get some full-sizes, I only have one from Meow!

femputer said...

pretty swatches, thank you!

Mai said...

I think the swatches look amazing, especially Sexypants!

The Peach said...

The swatches look great! This collection has so many bright colors!

sepia_raven said...

These look so good! I want! I'm trying to stop myself ordering more eyeshadows, damn you :P