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Monday, May 16, 2011

Darling Girls: Hello Kitty Collection

So far, I've posted swatches on two new collections by Darling Girl Cosmetics (see below). Here is the third and what I think is one of the cutest collection an indie company has come out with:

Again, some of the best formulations I've come across. All of these colors applied with a very smooth consistency despite the glitter/shimmer content in them. I love the colors.

Sugar Minuet has some gorgeous blue glitter action going on, Deery Lou is one of the more beautiful mauve shades I've come across, Purin looks like innocent fun, My Melody looks like it can become a daily favorite of mine, Chi Chai looks like the exact color of this one favorite dress of mine, Keroppi, Balletusa...gosh, more full-size must-haves to add to my to-buy list. :D

What are some of your favorites from this collection?


VijiiS said...

I love this entire collection. Once I get through reviewing all the stuf I already have, I'm going to be picking some stuff up. =D

Luna said...

The colors are so cute ! I have some of these too and i love them !

Pop Champagne said...

they do look like beautiful colors, I haven't seen them around but will keep an eye out for them!

B said...

Oh, I need to get more Darling Girl! Love the swatches!

Teipu said...

I have My Melody and Chococat and they are amazing!
I really want to get the other colors as well (and due to your posts, every other Darling Girl collection, I love your swatches!)

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Vijii- I am with you 100%! I've been carefully planning out my next order. :D

@Luna- Yay! I think DG has become my absolute favorite!

@Pop- Definitely!

@B- Yay! Thank you!

@Teipu- Great color choices! I'm going through my stash and planning out my next order - I can't wait to try more! Thanks!