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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Darling Girls: What Dreams May Come + Holo-Glosses

Hey all! So this is the last post of my most recent Darling Girls haul. I just placed a huge order last night for some samples from their general catalog in addition to the new dry oil sprays that they came out with. I'm super excited. :D

Anyway, moving on to the swatches!

First up, from the What Dreams May Come collection:

These were the freebies I received in my package:

And then the gorgeous, gorgeous holo-glosses:

I love the holo-glosses. I have a trouble with glosses/lipsticks drying my lips out so I don't wear them. However, these were not drying at all. The color goes on very sheer so it's best to wear over a color but I used them on their own and I thought they were great. :) I wish the container wasn't so difficult to screw the top on and off though.

Another fantastic purchase! I've loving Pennies from Heaven - it's SO pretty!

Have you guys tried any of these colors? The holo-glosses? What are your thoughts?


Luna said...

I have followed your recent post about Darling Girl , awesome colors ! I received a huge order today from DG and i was in heaven . I have 2 holo-glosses : peaches and Raspberry Beret . I love these and indeed they are moisturizing . I have dry lips and i mostly wear lipconditioners , but the holo-glosses are a nice change now ! I also have 2 aqualiners : Mermaid

Luna said...

Ooops ... my comment wasn't finished :D
The 2 aqualiners i had ordered are Mermaid-Tails and Midnight Train .

Lady In A Top Hat said...

Hey Luna! LOVE your EOTDs! I completely agree about the holo-glosses, they are extremely moisturizing which makes usage pretty fantastic! I was eyeing Raspberry Beret - I may have to get it next time. ;)

I've been meaning to try out the aqualiners too! Gosh, so many products I needs to have. :D

SilhouetteScreams said...

Argh I think everybody but me has those holo glosses! *needs to place an order*

Baroque In Babylon said...

Your swatches are so top notch- thank you. Not to sound like a ding dong but the glosses all look the same. I know it's hard to capture sheers, but you have pretty lips and I do like the shine.

Lady In A Top Hat said...

Baroque- Many thanks! You don't sound like a ding dong at all! Unfortunately they do all look the same and I hate my camera for it :(

I'm actually looking to invest in a better camera - I just got mine less than a year ago on sale and I think it stinks. :(