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Monday, April 18, 2011

BPAL Lupercalia 2011 "Venusta" Series: Nude Woman Reclining Review

Rundown...I am a hoarder. A BPAL hoarder to be exact. I have perfumes from BPAL's 2009 Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine series that I haven't even sniffed yet. Not to mention all the bottles I got from people selling them on the forum. I just placed another order last night so there are also those to consider. Therefore, I will try to do as many of these as I can here to shake things up a bit. I love swatching but sometimes, a bit of something different is okay. :)

First up is "Nude Woman Reclining" from their Lupercalia 2011 "Venusta" series. I don't think you can get this anymore as it was a part of their Valentine season limited edition series. I think you might be able to find it on the forum.

A tribute to William Etty and the Elegance of the Human Form. - BPAL

Calla lily, honeysuckle, Turkish jasmine, ambrette seed, galbanum, iris, and bourbon vanilla.

My skin chemistry: It loves "Asian" scents. So, jasmine, plum, rice wine, cherry blossoms, tea - these are all very light scents that don't have a great throw or lasts for a very long time. It also loves citrus which, like the other notes, does not stay for long or have a very big throw.

Initial thoughts: Not sure why I got this. There's nothing in the listed notes that really appeal to me except for the calla lily and Turkish jasmine. Everything else - whut?

In the bottle: Smells powdery. There's something incense-y about it. I don't know how different Turkish jasmine smells from just ordinary jasmine (like the jasmine I smell in my tea) but wow, definitely can't pick anything familiar out. It's a bit sharp.

On my skin: Oh gosh, this is sharp. Still a powdery, floral smell. I think this needs to settle a bit. After a few more huffs, I'm starting to pick out some of the complexities of this scent but the incense/soapy smell is still very prevalent. I get a hit of something sweet. Hmm...must be the bourbon vanilla.

1 hr later: Still powdery. I think it's too soft and smells way too much like a powder pot to me.

Have you tried this scent? What do you think?


Kimber Y said...

I just made my first order with BPAL after being prompted by your posts :) I've always wanted to try them, but was overwhelmed by the exhaustive lists! I finally took the time and looked through EVERYTHING - whew!

BTW, you're not "Lady in a Top Hat" anymore - you're "Lady That Can Rock Some Kickass Boots"!

Amber said...

I haven't tried this scent, but I LOVE everything BPAL! I have so many favorite scents. I love to wear Spooky and Pomona in the fall. There have been so many new releases I've been dying to try, but I'm on a no buy while in school :( I have way too many bottles though, it's addicting!

Lady In A Top Hat said...

Kimber- Oh yay! I want to post more reviews of the scents - I have so many and I keep buying more! Their catalogue IS a bit much to take in but I love that I can browse for hours. :D

Amber- Me too! Not to mention, BPTP, their sister shop is run by the owner's husband and both are equally sweet people. I have both Spooky and Pomona but they're part of the Halloween series I purchased but I haven't really tried. Lol, it's terrible.