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Monday, March 21, 2011

Face Candy Couture Swatches & Review

Today's swatches feature some products from Face Candy Couture, a mineral makeup company that was reviewed by Phyrra during the holidays. If you are a blogger, then you are in luck! This company will send free samples as long as you follow a few basic rules listed here.

Since they were having a sale, I just went ahead and purchased the 8 full eyeshadows for $19.99. It's a fantastic bargain.

I received 5 additional free samples with my order. Shipping was quick and didn't cost more than $2.

I accidentally swatched Chill twice because I purchased it in full-size and didn't realize it was one of the colors she had sent as a free sample. Other free samples include Pinecone, Pretty, Cinnamon, and Damask Grey. I really like these colors. They come with a lot of glitter but nothing crazy like Midnight Cowboy from UD. Feuta Marie comes pretty close to it though.

Overall: The only con I have to mention is how tiny the sample bags were. I am not talking about the samples themselves - there was more than enough - but the tiny bags were hard to open and hard to close. However, it seems Shantle (owner) gives these out for free so dang, a little work ain't nothing. :D I enjoyed these colors. I think the formulation is pretty similar to Aromaleigh. Feuta Marie does have a high glitter content but it's such a soft, pretty pink that I think it'd be fine to wear for more conservative situations. The other colors are just as versatile (maybe not Chill but that'd be a great crease color). Shipping and handling was quick. I love the labeling - it's so colorful! I didn't have any issues with my order so I didn't need to contact costumer service.

All in all, I would definitely order again.

What do you think? Any favorite colors? Personal experience?


Luna said...

never tried them before , but i like the oranges !

Makeup Zombie said...

Great swatches as ususal. I really like Face Candy Couture!

Anonymous said...

You know, I really do admire your swatch pictures :) I think that 8 shadows for 20 bucks is a pretty good deal. But I always wonder when companies send out samples of a product you just paid for a full size jar of. I mean, if you had ordered like 50 shadows then yeah, understandable mistake. But 8 shadows? I would be dissapointed. But your right, free samples are free and it's generous. Not much point in a free sample if you just bought the full size one though.

Heather said...

I love the look of Hawaiian Sunset, it's so pretty!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

no personal experience but i really like Chill and Hawaiian Sunset!

Amanda said...

I want Pink Fairy Dust now! Hmm...

Red lips, Black hair said...

Gorgeous swatches! Love Face Candy Couture.

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Luna - Me too!

@Makeup Zombie - Thank you!

@Sophie - I definitely agree with everything you say. :)

@Heather - Haha, it's definitely one of my favorites!

@Oh to Be a Muse - Eee! They're very pretty colors!

@Amanda - Haha, good choice!

@Red lips, black hair - Thank you!