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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nubian Heritage Lotions- iHerb Review

A lot of product-type reviews this week ladies and gents! After reading a review by the lovely Nea at Fashioned in Finland about Nubian Heritage Olive & Green Tea Lotion, I just had to make an order myself. Right now, I'm using the Satsuma Body Butter by Anderson Soap Co. which seems like it's thick and moisturizing at first but I find myself having to reapply often. I bought a 4oz. jar and it's almost gone. I needed something that was more moisturizing and would last me a while so when Nea posted that lovely review, I knew I had to try it out. The fact that each bottle was less than $8 made me quite happy.

I've already tried some of Nubian's other products such as their Coconut and Papaya Soap and Carrot & Pomegranate Soap w/ Calendula Extract & Cranberries. Both are fabulous soaps. The carrot one had tiny bits of sand in it which helps wonderfully with exfoliation. My skin gets super dry during the winter so that was not the right soap to use. I switched over to the coconut one and have been using it quite diligently over these last few cold months.

I was super excited to try the lotions:

Nea was right. Nubian does not water down their products. It was REALLY difficult trying to squeeze the Olive & Green Tea lotion out because it was so thick. The Mango Butter lotion was a bit better to handle. It's still thick but not so much that you'll get carpal tunnel from squeezing so hard. It's also very moisturizing and has a fantastic, light smell. Check out the pictures below for how thick they are.



- iHerb has fantastic shipping. I ordered and the DAY that I ordered, they shipped my products. I ordered these on Thursday and got them on Saturday. I paid $4.12 in USPS Priority Mail shipping. For 2 bottles of 8oz each, that's very reasonable.


- I had a bit of a problem getting the $5 discount but after contacting them, they responded within the hour and had the credit applied. YAY!

-Overall Product-

- I've only used it one day thus far and I love it. I am definitely going to be ordering more products from this line.
- I apply the Olive & Green Tea lotion to my body after I leave the shower. Unlike Satsuma, I do not have to reapply. It's fantastic. It also doesn't leave an oily residue. For my skin type, I feel as though it moisturizes very well.
- If you don't like the thickity thickness of the above-mentioned lotion, the Mango lotion is a good step down. It's still VERY thick but it moisturizes just as well. You know that feeling when some lotions where your hands are oily but they don't feel moisturized? It's happened to me with a lot of generic lotions and homemade lotions. Haus of Gloi lotions do that to me so I've stopped using it. However, Nubian Heritage lotions don't do that to me. They settle easily upon my skin and leaves it feeling moisturized without that nasty oily surface.


- It has a "Certified Organic Ingredients" stamp on it. I took a look at the ingredients and I can't find any animal products either. Neither of these things really matter to me but for others, I thought this would be good to know.

If you shop at iHerb for the first time, don't forget to put in this code: JOT305. It's an extra $5 off your order!

Have you tried Nubian Heritage products? What did you think?


abbyiherb said...

Hi. My name is Abby and I work for iherb.com. I couldn't find a way to email you directly so I hope it's okay that I post this message. First, I wanted to say "Thanks" for blogging about iHerb and that if you'd like other suggestions on how to promote your coupon code, please feel free to email me at abby-a at iherb dot com

Anonymous said...

I used to use a body butter from the Body Shop, but it gave me eczema, which I hadn't had for about 10 years! - and I never had it on my legs! After that I realised I had better be careful about what i put on myself, which to be honest I never really considered before. Now I stick to my basic Nivea Body Lotion which works quite well for me. The only downside is it doesn't have a pretty smell like so many other products out there :( How often do you need to reapply the moisturiser? Does it last all day? I also get really dry skin throughout winter, mostly on my calf areas.

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@abbyiherb- Hi Abby! Thanks for stopping by! I really loved the service I received at your store so posting good stuff about my good experience was definitely something I had to do. Many thanks!

@Sophie- Lotions do that to me too! I don't know if it's eczema exactly but I get irritated red bumps where hair follicles are and it's very unsightly. With this lotion, I haven't had any problems with my skin reacting to it. It's got very pleasant, light fresh smell. I haven't had to reapply it at all. I usually have to if I use body butter from Anderson Soap Company, House of Gloi's lotion, and Jergen's so this was definitely a fantastic buy for me. Winter is horrible and itchy for my skin so it's definitely a relief to have found something that works. :) I hope this helps!

Beth said...

I actually really like Nubian, it's one of my favorite skin lotions for the simple fact it works as advertised. I haven't done any reviews on my health blog but you may have just inspired me to do so. I like your review and find it very concise and worth a short read. Thanks!

Dann white said...

I love this brand. The products line is amazing and quality is superb. Nubian Heritage is too good:)