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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aromaleigh Spring Solstice, Holiday Blast Vault Swatches

Here is a small swatch post for the vault colors I ordered from Aromaleigh the other day. Urgh, such gorgeous colors! You guys should all head over to the website because the clearance sale just got even better. They updated inventory, added some colors that were sold out, and have huge discounts going on. Full-sized eye shadows are going for $2.75 a pop, $25 for 10, etc. There are some colors I never got a chance to purchase before so I totally jumped on that. Not gonna let this second chance pass by. :)

Urgh, I should NOT be spending money. Should not. But I won money gambling on Friday so that makes up for it, right? Lol.


From the Holiday Blast Vault: Eggnog, Mulberry, Mistletoe

From the Spring Solstice Vault: Candytuft

Eeee. Speaking of vault items, they have Gingerbread and Butterscotch from the Holiday Blast available again! I've already snatched up my jars. :D


dull_flame said...

I was sort of "Meh" about all these except Mistletoe. That one's really pretty.

ladyinatophat said...

@dull_flame- Haha, s'all good. I think Mistletoe is fabulous too. I really need a soluble to use it as a eyeliner. I wonder how that would look.

dull_flame said...

Medusa's Makeup has an eyeliner sealant.


I bet it would look amazing as an eyeliner.

prettybottles said...

duuude.. if i am unable to make an aromaleigh order in time (we are so low on funds right now i can't even believe it) would you be willing to send me a sample baggie? you know i'd be willing to trade you samples. i also wanted to use this comment opportunity to encourage you to post a look soon. i'm dying to see what color combos you come up with.. and i believe in your skills! ps - the captcha i had to type in was 'encest' haha.

prettybottles said...

pss- to specify what color sample since i forgot: mistletoe.

ladyinatophat said...

@prettybottles- Haha, I will try! I'm not at all creative when it comes to doing EOTD but I shall try!

Girlie, what's your email? We can totally work something out! :)

The Peach said...

Such pretty colors! you do great swatches!

ladyinatophat said...

@The Peach- Thank you! I might actually reswatch some stuff from wayyyy back then so that it matches the swatching I do now. :)

prettybottles said...

it's : elizabeth divine at g mail dot com

zillah1199 said...

based on your image/swatch, I HAD to buy Mistletoe (it got here today) and OMG! What a fantastic colour!!