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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Friday 13th Swatches

So it looks like I'll be getting a 3rd roommate come Monday evening. Never met her before, my other roomie found her off of her university wanted ads, originally wanted new girl to move in next week instead of this week - all in all, I can't help but be a bit wary. But I must remain positive!

Which isn't hard to do considering I just swatched Friday 13th's collection from Meow. These pigments are utterly eerie.

Most of these colors looked nothing like what they did in their baggies. I think it makes the experience that much more fun. :D


Heather / Eyeconic said...

Skeptic is one of my favorite shadows, hands down. I love it.

ladyinatophat said...

@Heather- It is vuuury beautiful. It was so strange seeing it in the baggie, then swatching it. So mesmerizing.

KittenMittens said...

They don't much match what they look like in the jars either, so it's extra fun! I do have to swatch mine before using just too make sure a colour isn't too dark when it looked light (ACCIDENT! Tricky bugger!)
I love them!