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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fyrinnae: Dia De Los Muertos Swatches

It's almost 1am here so this is my last post for the night. I know I've been spamming your blog notifications, my bad!

Celebrating All Hallow's Eve in their own way, Fyrinnae's newest collection, Dia De Los Muertos are definitely colors to die for.

HA. I tried really hard with that pun.

I can see why people have been raving about them. Take a look at these complex shades.

All swatched over Pixie Epoxy, of course.

Madame & Eve's sounds like a swanky bordello name. If I ever own a bordello, I will name it Madame & Eve. This was a particularly difficult picture to take due to all the magnificent aqua sparkles.

Sugar Skulls is gorgeous. Is there anyway we can implore the men to make us a lip lustre? Lol, probably not. It's really pretty though. By the way, Danse Macabre is a total conundrum. It's such a cheerful color, so spring-like and not...dance of death (which is what "Danse Macabre" translates to right?). But what if it is a cheerful thing? Hmmm, ponder ponder ponder.

These guys are super generous with their mini-jars. For $2, you have 20-30 applications worth. For me, it's more like 40-50 applications. I use so very little. Also, whichever one of the guys filled up my Te Amo - many thanks! There's so much product!

Edited: The lovely PrettyBottles just notified me (many thanks!) that some of the pictures weren't loading. Are you guys getting an error message? A broken link? Let me know. I may have need to have words with Photobucket.


prettybottles said...

they seem to be showing up for me now.. i don't know what was wrong, they just weren't loading!

ladyinatophat said...

@prettybottles- Yay! As long as they're working. :D Maybe because there are so many pictures, that's why they weren't loading? I wish Blogger did journal cuts. :( (I also wished it allowed me to reply directly to comments. D:)

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Thanks for these beautiful swatches! Danse Macabre is my favorite.

ladyinatophat said...

@Heather- Hi! I totally agree! Danse Macabre makes me so jolly just looking at it. :D

erinsab said...

How did you get these? I've been checking their site for months and it always loads blank.

I assumed they temporarily shut down the site so they could catch up on orders.