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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some stock talk and needed recommendations!

Since I'm traveling for work this week, I won't be able to do any swatches or reviews. I just received my Meow Cosmetics stuff on Saturday and brought it with me on the off-chance that I might have time to review. Looking to be no cigar. In the meantime, I'd love to get some recommendations for companies you guys have been keeping an eye on but for some reason, haven't been able to try out. So please, send some my way! :)


I'm also going to try something new today. If you had $5,000 to trade on stocks and you only had 1 day to make money off of it, what would you trade them on? I am going to keep trading this money as though I had it until I lose it all or by the end of this week. Whichever comes first. :D

Technical info: Scottrade charges $7 for each transaction (so $7 for buying the stock, $7 for selling the stock which makes for $14 total) and Ameritrade charges $10 for each transaction. For the purposes of this exercise, we'll go with Ameritrade.

Here are my picks:

Saks, Inc. (SKS)- Yes, the luxury department store/brand. There's a rumored bid for this company by a couple of private equity firms. Purchase 100 stocks at $8.13 each. Problem I see is that there are no other bidders looking to purchase them but if the private equity deal does go through, it'd be at $11/share. If I wanted to break even with the $20 transaction costs by Ameritrade ($10 for buying the stock, $10 for selling), then I'd have to sell them at $8.43. Total cost: $813 + $20 = $843 Break even: $8.43.

10.09.01- Shares are trading at $8.07. DOWN.

Cogent, Inc. (COGT)- This is a provider of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) and other fingerprint biometrics solutions to governments, law enforcement agencies and other organizations worldwide. 3M offered $10.50 a share for them and the stocks are currently trading at $11.08. There are other offers rumored to surface soon. I would purchase 200 stocks. Risky pick since the bid by 3M is under investigation. Total cost: $2,216 + $20 = $2,236 Break even: $11.18.

10.09.01- Shares are trading at $11.02. DOWN.

Ceragon Networks Ltd. (CRNT)- 4G is huge right now. This company is a provider of of high-capacity, 4G/LTE-Ready wireless backhaul networks which enables cellular operators and other wireless service providers to deliver voice and data services, such as Internet browsing, music and video applications. Their stocks soared after receiving news that it has received new orders for its advanced FibeAir(R) platforms from a leading Indian operator. Sounds pretty hot. Stocks are trading at $8.52 per share after closing at $8.60 per share. Purchase 220 shares. Total cost: $1,874.40 + $20 = $1,894.40 Break even: $8.61.

10.09.01- Shares are trading at $8.76. UP.

Total money left: $5,000 - $843 - $2,236 - $1,894.4 = $26.60. I can buy some gumballs with that. :)

10.09.02 Edit: Just purchased 50 shares of CVLT at $26.17. Let's hope this is another 3PAR situation where I purchased at $23, estimated it would hit it's peak at $30, and NOT sell it at $31 because now, it's at $33. Total cost: $1,306.50 + $20 = $1,326.50 Break even: $26.53.

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