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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Preview

I couldn't help myself. Even though money has to stay in my bank account because I am getting ready to make some big purchases, I figured a few dollars here and there wouldn't hurt. I mean, it's a big change from my days at Sephora when I'd blow $200 each time I wanted to purchase something(s).

Meow Cosmetics has been on my radar for a while, mainly due to the fact that they have this beautiful Egyptian collection. Studying boring numbers was a bit of a drag at times so I often amused myself by taking all the Ancient Civilization classes I could during undergrad. From various reviews, I heard that the colors are all too similar to one another. Not a big deterrent since the colors looked so pretty in pictures and swatches; it only made me want to purchase more but it did keeping me from purchasing in that instant.

Since I don't like to buy small to save on shipping, I got a bunch of samples from all the collections currently up. They're usually $1.00 but with the 25% off coupon, they're $0.75. It's a steal!

Simple Pleasures: Barefoot, Cookie Dough, Purpose, Passion, Silence

Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate Truffle, Those Heels, Retail Therapy, Fried Chicken, Soft Porn

Rainforest: Torch, Forest Flame blush, Anana blush, Ginger Torch blush, Morpho glow, Phantoma glow

Caribbean: Aruba, Coconut, Cayman, Papaya, Ocean Spray, Seafoam, Calypso blush, Limbo blush

Wild Child: T T Y L, Sexy Time, BT Dubs, Sexy Pants, My Bad, W T F, Sexting, B F F, R O F L M A O, G A L blush, Snarky blush, Hang Up blush

Egyptian Treasures: Royal, Temple, Tutankhamun, Sand Dune, Artifact, Ra, Miw, Isis blush, Cleopatra blush, Deity glow, Immortal glow

Ooo! I got a notice from Lumiere saying that my order has been completed. I hope this means I'll be getting it soon! :D

Edit: Also purchased a Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Boy, this is not what I had in mind when I went into a low buy spree. D:

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