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Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Herbolution

I am in love with Herbolution's products. I've tried the Organic Mandarin Aloe Body Butter and though my initial issues with it remain, it is clearly a good product. Because I don't like my hands being too greasy, I only use a tiny bit at a time. If the skin of my hands are tight and dry, then the butter just sits on top of it. When I leave the shower, however, it absorbs much better. The smell is not overpowering, yet it's a sweet citrus. It's a bit difficult to get out of the jar - I scrape it with my nail - but considering it's a butter which goes solid at room temperatures, that's expected. :) The other products I got samples of which is enough for 2 uses.

Organic Strawberry Face Scrub/Facial Breakfast remains my favorite thus far. The smell was such a fresh strawberry and oats smell that I felt healthy using it.

I'm not a fan of Cleopatra's Facial Cleansing Grains with Goat Milk and Organic Rose's smell mainly because I couldn't smell the rose and it really smelled super earthy. The red clay did look fabulous on my face. Not going to lie...I half wanted to sneak into my roomies' rooms and wake them up like that. I get up super early too. Haaaaa!

I just started using the Peppermint Sage cleansing grains and while the peppermint scent is a bit of a wake up...well, not sure about the sage so much.

Other than scents, the products themselves are FABULOUS. Seriously. Scents are a personal preference anyway and I'm a bit of a fru-fru girl at times.

More to come later! Contemplating some new orders too. :D

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