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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meow Cosmetics: Mysterious Scandals Collection Swatches

More swatches! This is one of Meow's smaller Scandals set. It's called Mysterious Scandals:

Peg E. looks like it would work wonderfully as a highlighter and Marilyn M. was a big surprise. Nothing exciting in this set but I think it's meant to be a bit more subdued. Great colors for daily wear. :)

What do you think?


The Peach said...

I think I have this collection! Yeah, nothing too exciting. But you can never go wrong with Meow's quality.

mNg said...

I've never tried Meow but these colors look pretty nice :) I love Roswell.

Ki said...

Elizabeth S and Peg E look great! Unfortunately, Meow's shipping always discourages me from ordering!

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@The Peach- I definitely agree! The variety of colors they offer is great. :D

@mNg- Yay! They are very pretty.

@Ki- Great picks! Meow's shipping discourages me too. I always wait until there's a sale before I order. :)