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Monday, March 14, 2011

ShoeDazzle: March Purchases

From my March selection, I have purchased Hazel and BonBon from the "almost made it" portion of my Shoe Dazzle showroom. These are shoes that would have been placed in my primary shoe selection if others hadn't been more to my taste. Since I did not find anything in my primary showroom that I liked, I thought I'd give these two a try.

As always, shipping was uber fast. They shipped the day of me ordering these items.

I loved these shoes. They were cute and elegant. Unfortunately, I didn't know these ran a size too small. By the time I received these and realized it, they were out of the next size up. Yes, shoes do go that fast. =X

These shoes definitely looked better on the model than they did on me. My friend said that she thought they looked hooker-ish. Lol, I don't know about it. What I do know is that it would have been difficult to find an outfit that would work with these shoes. Fashionista, I am not. Haaaa.

Will be returning these two. I wish I could have kept Hazel but it almost got stuck on my feet, they were so small. Since I am returning these items for store credit (put towards future purchases), it will not cost me anything.

Also, I just found out that if you ask for a 'shoe explosion' on their Facebook, the employees will add a lot more selections of shoes to your showroom! I did that and got quite the selection. :D

On another note, I wore Gracia the other day. Oh gosh, is it hard to walk in them. Did anyone had a hard time getting these shoes to mold to your feet quickly? My feet kept slipping out of mine, even though I got the smallest size and they're true to size too. Hmm, maybe it requires a bit more wear, haha.

Spring is slowly, but surely, coming! I need a new light jacket. :D


Kimber Y said...

The Gracia shoes are uber cute! I have that same problem of my heels slipping out with some of my higher heels. I usually add gel heel grips on the inside and they keep my heels from slipping out. Have you tried them?

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Kimber- I didn't even realize that was an option! Thanks for the tip! Now to go out and purchase some of these grips. :D I'm super excited to try them.

Makeup Zombie said...

I LOVE the second pair. And you wear them well!

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Makeup Zombie- Thank you!