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Sunday, December 5, 2010

EOTD: Playing Apartment Sales Agent (Purple look x8,927)

So the creepy girl moved out of our apartment - yay! I put the notice up on Craigslist (stop that wincing, it's not that bad) and we had a bevy of really nice girls come through yesterday. There's one more coming in a few minutes and then after that, my current roommate and I are going to make a decision.

Anyway, I figured I should probably look presentable. I was able to get some decent pictures of my eye. It's another purple look - I know, I know. Super boring. For some reason, these are the only pictures that come out looking alright.

Stuff used:

- UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion
- Fyrinnae Sequined Master (lid)
- Fyrinnae Freya (outer corners)
- Aromaleigh Butterscotch (inner corners)
- CG Perfect Point Plus in Black Onyx
- L'Oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
- Dior's Diorshow

Seriously, how do you ladies take such good pictures of your eyes? Teach me, please. :3

EDIT: OMG LMFAO!! My roommate just found this odd crystal shaped thing in the refrigerator. We didn't know what it was so we Googled it. Turns out it was a refrigerator deodorizer. HAHA shit, I guess my Asian foods and roomie's Italian cooking was stinking up the fridge. :)


dull_flame said...

Cute! I hope you end up with a nice, non-crazy roommate. I had too few good people living with me when I was on my own- mostly stupid, or slutty, or dishonest, or some combination of the three. I had, like, three or four good roommates out of eleven, over nearly three years. Nobody stayed long.

Mai said...

How do you take such nice swatch pictures :P

Basically I take about a bazillion pictures with flash and macro, crop and then pick two of the best. It will probably depend on your camera but I have mine about a foot away from my face so that you don't see the sort of yellow brightness that comes from having the flash too close.

It's nice to see you post an EOTD :)

The Peach said...

I think craigslist is great for stuff like that. We have a house in a town 40 miles from us that we have rented out. We found AWESOME renters by listing it on craigslist!

I always love seeing purple looks! Love the colors! You pictures look great! I found a setting on my camera for taking close up photos. Thats the only way I can get decent pictures.

thecandiedmango said...

Eye pictures: I use macro + my camera's high/auto ISO setting while standing near a strong lamp. It helps to take a lot of pictures, too.

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@dull_flame- I've only had roommates for over a year now. Before that, I was living at home which was fantastic. I haven't had too much bad luck but this last one that only stayed about a month and a half...talk about creepy!

@Mai- LOL it's easy! I go to the kitchen and take about 20 or so pictures w/o flash. It's got the most natural lighting. But taking pictures of my eye? Oh my gosh, whut. I needs to learn your secretz. D:

Thanks! I'm hoping I will learn how to take better pictures and in doing so, post more EOTDs. :D

@The Peach- My roommate (who can be a wee bit crazy herself) was super not into it. I didn't care, I wanted a third roommate lol. Thankfully, they didn't disappoint and we're super excited for the third one. Thank you for the compliments! My camera is difficult to change the settings on so I think I just need to fiddle around with it some more, lol!

@thecandiedmango- Awesome, I am definitely using those settings on my next attempt. Thanks!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Very pretty and polished :) and LOL I second Mai's comment 'how do you take such nice swatch pictures :P'

My friend has this room in her sharehouse that's like the Defence Against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts - they can't keep anybody longer than a few months, let alone a year. They always have weird people staying in that room, like one girl always had a million of her friends in there (and it was tiny!) and one girl just cried all the time.

Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

Yay for creepy girl moving out! Good luck with finding the perfect person (:

Love this look! I quite like the combination.

Amy said...

I just use the zoom on my camera and have the flash on and try and get as close to my face as possible without that weird shadow effect, but there's probably better ways out there and these comments have helped me too! Lol. xD

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@Silhouette- Haha, lots of experimenting. The girl you mentioned makes me think of Moaning Myrtle. :X

@Suki- She left her sweater here. My roommate contacted her about it but she hasn't gotten back to us. We had to throw out a shit ton of her food too. Lol. Thanks for the compliments!

@Amy- My zoom makes stuff blur up close. I'm afraid my camera is super crappy. :( I will try again though; maybe it's different with eyes.