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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Say No to Rite-Aid Makeup Remover

I was looking around for some makeup remover because I thought, "hey, don't be cheap, stop using olive oil and scrubbing your face with soap." So I ran to a Rite-Aid near work and picked up this substitute:

It's comparable to L'Oreal Eye Makeup Remover. I have never used L'Oreal's makeup remover so I don't know how comparable it really is. All I know is that it's not effective...at all. Here is me trying to take off CG Perfect Point Plus in "Midnight Blue":

I doused that sucker of a cotton ball with the makeup remover. You have to scrub pretty hard to get any of your product off. Considering this is an eye makeup remover, that's not at all good for the most sensitive area of your face. In addition, it's even HARDER to wipe off your eyeliner if you've been wearing it all day and it's set into your skin.

It works alright when taking off mineral eye shadows. I haven't tried any other types but I know if the color is especially dark, you can't just go over your eyelid once or twice - a little bit more and it'll come off. It's not the amount of scrubbing you'd need to do with eyeliner, so there is that. In addition, if you're using waterproof products? HA. Don't even try.

I'm throwing my bottle of this out. I'm not quite sure why I wasted the money since using olive oil is always a better choice than a store-brand item. All natural, cheap, and works just as well, if not better. Olive oil is a natural emollient. Instead of soap, they used to use this back in the ancient times. They'd rub themselves with olive oil, let it set in, take a wooden flat-piece, and scrape off the entire day's worth of grime. Then they would hop into the bath.

I just have to be extra careful when washing off all the oil and nastiness it takes with it. I tend to get lazy with my skincare and rush through it. You should never rush your skincare.


dull_flame said...

That sucks. I've been using Almay's eye makeup remover and it's pretty good but I think I might try something else next time. I used Lumene as well but the CVS in Athens stopped carrying it. The stores here have it but it's like $8 for a tiny bottle, and I can get twice that for $6 from a line at Target.

femputer said...

I love my olive oil + castor oil. I've tried various eye makeup removers, nothing works as well. :)

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@dull_flame- I used to use Almay's too! It's good but it didn't compare to the Lancome one I used (I had a ton of free samples for some reason) not to mention, I didn't want to shell out that much money for a tiny bottle.

@femputer- Ahhh, I need to find a place where they sell castor oil! I think maybe a trip to my local whole foods is in order. *nodnod*

The Peach said...

Wow that stuff sucks! I say stick with the olive oil! You can never go wrong with natural stuff that works for you!

justltee said...

Okay, if they say it's comparable to L'oreal's eye makeup remover then it makes sense that it doesn't take jack off. I rec'd the L'oreal eye makeup remover as a freebie at Ulta one time and it was horrible. It was like using plain ol' water.

I just use Jojoba oil and/or emu oil to remove my eye makeup or even just my regular face wash removes it pretty well.

Lady In A Top Hat said...

@justlee- "Just like water" is exactly it! I will also have to go hunting for jojoba and emu oil. I think I might be able to get jojoba but emu will prob be a bit more difficult. Thanks for the tips!

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

I use the Rite-Aid makeup remover wipes, but I'll use Almay oil-free makeup remover for eyes (mascara and liner, mostly.)