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Friday, November 12, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria and Shower Treat Soap Haul

When I found out that Morgana Cryptoria was debuting a Cleopatra-themed set, I immediately thought: MUST HAVE. I ordered 11/7 and it arrived 11/10. Now that is fast shipping!

Through a rec from LeGothique, I ordered from Shower Treat Soap also on 11/7, got a refund for extra monies in S&H, and received my order today (11/12)!

As you can see, I got the sampler pack. Each bag contains enough detergent for 5 loads each for a top loader washer. Apparently, it's so effective, you only need 1 tbsp for each super-size load. You can also pick your own scents or if you're feeling creative, mix and match. My picks were:

1. Lily of the valley
2. Rose, hyacinth
3. Mandarin, cranberry, almond

Once I have some laundry to do (just did a load last week!), I will let you all know the results.

I still need to finish re-swatching the Mythos collection from Aromaleigh, the Mythology collection by Evil Shades, and then I can swatch my Morgana Cryptoria haul. I am also waiting on orders from Hi-Fi Cosmetics and Darling Girl Cosmetics (because Just Peachy had some awesome swatches of their fall collection). I already received my shipping notification for DGC which is fantastic!

I will be cooking tomorrow so if I'm unable to post swatches, I will definitely post some pictures of the foods we cool. :)

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The Peach said...

Can't wait to see swatches of this Morgana collection! And I'll be interested to see how you like the Shower Treat Soap.