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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Other Magdalene: All is Vanity

I am splurging so much lately. I need to control myself because I really shouldn't be spending money like this.

I can't help it though! I needs shoppers anonymous!

But how could you not get this?

All Is Vanity

My friend, Lunalelle, makes these gorgeous jewelry pieces. Her store, The Other Magdalene has a large variety of all very beautiful pieces you can wear or just look at (because that's prob what I'd do - stare in stupified wonder). Her genres include Gothic and fantasy elements. Some even have whispers of the Victorian Era. I've been promising myself that I would purchase some of these items but I never had the budget to. Now that I'm feeling that shopper's itch, I figured to just purchase without giving it another thought. I'll deal with my credit card bill later.

>_> Heh.

I rarely buy jewelry. I think it would be better if I had shopper's regret but since my latest purchases have been makeup and now, a BEAUTIFUL necklace...I'm just not feeling it.

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