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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Alien Abduction Swatches

Good mornin' everyone. :) I can't believe it's Sunday already! Urrrgh, I do not want to go back to work tomorrow. I really like vegging around on the weekends.

Anyway, here are swatches from Meow's Alien Abduction collection. Lots of green shades for you green lovers. :D

I loved how Vivisection looked. I swatched it on without reading the name and then when I looked to see what it was, there was sort of this "oh my" reaction before I continued happily swatching. Haha, it's pretty eye shadow.

My favorites: Vivisection, Extraterrestrial, Abductee, Contact, Xenophobe, UFO, and Gray Matter. What are your favorites? :)


Marcey said...

Vivisection, Third Kind & Mind Control are all very pretty. I believe Vivisection is the one which looks most different from the swatch. I was tempted to order the purples & greens but found this collection after placing my sample order for the other two so have been sitting back admiring other's swatches.

ladyinatophat said...

@Marcey- Every time I look at it, it's a different shade than what I remembered last time. I wish I knew how to wear red (without looking like I'm half-dead) because this really is a pretty color. :)

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I hope I picked out Abduction and Sighting when I ordered my samples, they are so beautiful! You have the best swatches of any blog I've ever seen, I love your blog so much :)

ladyinatophat said...

@Heather - Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from you! I will continue to do my best. :D