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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aromaleigh: Spring Solstice 2009 Swatches

First, sample sets for the 3 new Aromaleigh collection - Mythos, Wonderstruck, Spells - are now all available right here. Second, you can purchase the full-sized jars of Mythos over here, here, and here. Third, today was a HUGE makeup purchase day for me. I purchased sample sets of Meow's 3 newest collections, a sample set of Fyrinnae's new Dia De Los Muertos collection, and sample sets plus full-sized jars of Aromaleigh's three newest collections! Yay! To think I thought I might not have anything to swatch after I finish my Aromaleigh ones. ;]

I finally found some time to do a few more swatches. I really wish my apartment had better lighting because my camera needs all the help it can get. (I bought it for real cheap.)

For my second order, I purchased all full-sized jars and they sent me three freebies. Two of the samples were part of my first order ever with Aromaleigh.

Absolutely LOVE Alyssum! Ondberry looks like a great crease color. Can't figure out what to do with Nasturtium. Red has a nasty habit of making me look super gothic.

I originally ordered Campanula from the Satin Petals collection but they sent me Calendula instead. Lol, the pigment I got didn't look like the pigment pictured in Satin Petals' color chart but swatched, it looks like it could be. I love the cool silver hue. I'm loving the gold shimmer in Forget Me Not.

I can't figure out whether or not I like Zinnia! It's such an odd color. It looks like a light peach in the sample bag. Swatched on my skin, it takes on a lavender hue. Psychadelic.


prettybottles said...

good swatching dude!

ladyinatophat said...

Thanks! I'm definitely struggling with my camera though. Lol.