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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lumiere Haul #1 Preview

Long time no post. Been busy with job, house hunting, and extracurricular activities that (unfortunately) did not include makeup. I have also been on a spending freeze and am still on the spending freeze. However, I've been looking for a Nars "Orgasm" blush dupe. Aromaleigh apparently sold one in their Pure Rouge collection called "Verve" but considering they stopped that line and now are closed, that was not a choice. I have found another company, Lumiere, that sells a dupe called "Ditto O". So of course, with a 35% off sale and free gifts, I ordered. :)

Blush - Ditto "O"
Radiance - Natural
Eye Pigments - Butterfly Blue, Turquoise, Allure, Light Plum, Jade

As for my 2 free gifts, I picked out a Lumi Lip in "Tahitian Coral" and another eyeshadow pigment, "Silver Rose."

Very, very excited about my order. I just got paid, just paid my bills, shouldn't be spending money so I better stop typing before I really start whining.

(And really, it's nobody's fault but mine. LOL.)

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