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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Haul: Sunless Sea, Shattered Equinox, Alien Abduction

Yay! My Meow Cosmetics haul arrived today! Now all I'm waiting for are the collections from Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae.

Alien colors. *cue X-Files music*

Ooo...more work colors?

Probably my favorite collection so far of these three, just from looking at it. Lots of variety in colors, not to mention the very pretty blushes.


Currently, Meow is offering 15% in celebration of Columbus Day. This is valid for ALL products. In addition, you can also get free shipping! Guess who's taking advantage? Apparently, between when I ordered and when I received my order, Meow released 3 new colors (Xenophobe, Area 51, Gray Matter) for their Alien Abduction collection. In addition, I still need to pick up the entire collection of Dance of Death, Friday the 13th, and Halloween Zombies. With a name like Halloween Zombies, how could I not? I might also try to complete my Lost Rainforest collection. The colors are just too gorgeous not too. :)

I'm going to be a good student and study for the rest of this weekend so no ETA on swatches. Super stressed = bad swatches which really isn't useful to anyone. >_>

Edit: I are idiot. I didn't realize that Lost Rainforest was no longer being sold. Dagnabbit.

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